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A New, Simpler Trust System

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A New, Simpler Trust System

Please note from April 1st 2021, we’re implementing a new, simpler Trust Score system and changing how members interact with listings to help improve and protect our sharing community. The Trust Score will replace the familiar gave/got/honor scores with a simple three bar graphic denoting the member’s level of community contributions and participation.

How it works

The Trust Score is calculated once daily based on the total number of offer listings and transactions a member has made compared to the community average.

Trust is awarded as follows: 1 point for every offer listed and 4 points for every offer completed. Request listings are not counted, but fulfilling another member’s request is counted as a completed offer. The total is then ranked according to the site average and awarded up to three bars accordingly, where 1 bar is a beginner, 2 is the community average, and 3 is a prolific contributing member.

Why the change?

The idea is to make the job of discerning trust in a member as intuitive as possible while also encouraging members to contribute to the community. While Sharebay is and always will be a site for free things, it can only function when members contribute to the inventory.

For this reason, from April 1st, all members will need to have a minimum Trust Score of 1 before they can request goods or services from another member. This means having at least one listed offer, or completed offer transaction to request something from another member.

Note: All new members will also be required to list at least one offer on joining the network from April 1st, 2021.

Unsure what to offer? Try our template page for inspiration.

Going forward

As an early signed-up member of Sharebay, I’m sure you want this site to succeed as much as we do. But when it comes down to it, the success of this site – just like any marketplace site – depends on just one thing: The size and quality of our inventory.

If we have a strong inventory, membership and engagement will grow – and so will the inventory! We have an opportunity to create a strong positive feedback loop that drives up membership and inventory and can start to offer people a viable alternative to traditional means of getting goods and services.

Post an offer or use a template.

Colin R. Turner
Colin R. Turner (42) Level 3 member
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