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Offer templates

Not sure what to offer? Here's some suggestions for commonly shared goods and services to get you started.

Free meal  Free meal / I can cook you a meal..Lift share  Lift share / I can offer you a ride somewhere...Moving boxes / furniture  Moving boxes / furniture / I can help you move furniture of heavy boxes...Translation  Translation / I can do a translation for you..Loan of music equipment  Loan of music equipment / I have some music equipment you can borrow..Loan of professional camera  Loan of professional camera / I have a professional camera you can borrow..Marketing and promotion  Marketing and promotion / I can give you some advice on marketing and promotion..Massage  Massage / I can offer you a massage..Music lesson  Music lesson / I can give you a music or singing online or in person..Reiki healing  Reiki healing / I can perform some Reiki hands on healing..


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