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Terms of Service

Sharebay's mission is to connect people who would like to share goods, services and knowledge freely with each other. To do this effectively, we have a few house rules and some required legal disclaimer stuff:

House rules

Rule #1: Be kind or leave.

Rule #2: Share things freely with others as much as you can.

Rule #3: No selling, no scams, no spam, no porn, no illegal activity.

Rule #4: No spectators. Get involved by posting an offer or request.

Rule #5: Don't exhaust yourself helping others. Be kind to you too.

In general, we extend an open policy to all members, but, due to the precarious nature of free giving in a competitive world, we also exercise zero tolerance of any member who seeks to break trust and abuse others' generosity. Offending profiles and listings will be removed without notice.

Legal stuff

1. Sharebay.org does not guarantee the quality of any goods, services, transactions or relationships that arise from using our service. Though we employ basic checks to ensure high quality listings, members avail of offers and services from other members entirely at their own risk;

2. Sharebay.org is not liable for any breakages, accidents, injuries, or criminal activity that may arise as a result of using our service;

3. Sharebay.org uses a SafePay system where requesting members can pay for item shipping once a shipping cost has been agreed by both parties. Sharebay.org acts as intermediary to this transaction and retains the requester's payment until the item has been confirmed as delivered. Once delivery is confirmed the shipping payment is then disbursed to the sender. Sharebay.org charges the requester a fee of 4% + €1 to cover admin and card processing costs. If any issues arise with shipping payment or delivery, Sharebay will investigate the issues. Members who participate in the SafePay scheme agree to use the service in good faith and help us expedite any investigation for a speedy resolution;

4. Sharebay.org does not employ or endorse any third party shipping service to deliver goods. Members must arrange their own shipping and do so at their own risk;

5. We reserve the right to remove inappropriate content without notice. We do not tolerate abuse of our service. Profiles and listings that promote hate, violence, or are created for the purposes of stealing, money-laundering, scams, attacking our servers, identity theft or providing other dangerously misleading information will be removed without notice;

6. We endeavour to provide a high quality, free service to help match people's wants and needs. If for any reason we need to withdraw or close the service, we will provide 30 days notice to all members.

7. All data is stored according to our privacy policy.

More information

If you would like more information on how to use this service, please check out our How It Works page, check our FAQs, or email your query to [email protected].

Updated: 2022-12-16

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