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Priscilla Carolyn 1

Miami Beach, Florida, United States

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It brings me such joy to think of all the things I would love to do and learn if money was not an issue! Imagine the possibilities if we all had the freedom to do as we please! Even in today's monetary society, most people agree that it is best to choose a career/ job you enjoy, because for the majority of your adult life, it will take up a significant amount of time: one-third or more of your day 5 days a week. For what...? A piece of paper or digital receipt that by itself can neither feed me nor give me shelter. It's scary once you realize how absolutely useless money really is. Thank you for organizing the collective thought that we truly can live in a better world. Everything we need is already here; all we have to do is come together and create it!

Skills: · holistic healer · nature lover · curious · hopeful · activist

Interests: · holistic healer · nature lover · curious · hopeful · activist

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