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Colin R. Turner Level 3 member 118

Wellington Bridge, Wexford, Ireland

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I believe we can and should do better. Happy to share some interesting things with other members.

Skills: · guitar · music production · songwriter · coder · problem solver · chancer · writer

Interests: · music · problem solving · earth · writing

Colin R.\'s current listings

Dispelling Wetiko - Breaking The Curse of Evil — Paperback by Paul Levy. Almost new. Free to good home.
Help with emails and mailing lists — Help with email deliverability. I've spent at least fifteen years dealing with problems of outgoing mail and I have a lot of expertise on the topic now. I recently built a whole new mailing system for Sharebay based on what I've learned and I'd be happy to share some of this knowledge with you or help you build a better working system for you website.
Kitchen press door handles. Brushed chrome with s... — Kitchen press door handles. Brushed chrome with screws. 8 in total.
Website help — Tech help with your website. I can help you debug your website and/or solve problems.
Lifegames book — LifeGames activities book for teaching cooperation, resilience and empathy for kids from 3 to 12. Over 100 games and activities! Can post anywhere. Message me for postage price.
2 X Professionals DVD sets.... — 2 X Professionals DVD sets.
Free web design and hosting for projects in the public good — My company wildhost.co.uk is offering free web design and high speed eco-hosting for people and projects that are working for the common good. Just send me the details about your project or idea and I can create a professional web presence to help you along. Note: this is a limited offer but as long as you can see this listing, this offer is open. In money world terms, this offer is probably worth about $1000 of design and consultation, but it's yours for free if you have a great project that you're trying to promote. Write me your story and let's get going. Terms: Only one website per client; all projects considered but application doesn't guarantee acceptance; wildhost has final decision on what projects to promote; final websites must have a link to wildhost.co.uk.
Selection of Beatles Albums — A selection of six Beatles albums, including the 70s blue compilation, Sgt. Peppers, Abbey Road, Let It Be (Naked version), Magical Mystery Tour and Rubber Soul
Asus EEEPC. I don't know if it works and have no p... — Asus EEEPC. I don't know if it works and have no power adapter, but if you can get it working, it's all yours. About the EEE PC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asus_Eee_PC
Jesus Christ Superstar album... — Jesus Christ Superstar album
Spinal Tap double DVD set... — Spinal Tap double DVD set
3 X Doctor Who DVD sets. ... — 3 X Doctor Who DVD sets.
Edith Piaf 3 CD box set... — Edith Piaf 3 CD box set
Selection of prog rock CD albums including King Cr... — Selection of prog rock CD albums including King Crimson, Pink Floyd, UK, Bill Bruford, Radiohead and a few surprises. Great collection.
SD Card Reader — Multi Memory Card reader for PC. Note: Internal connection, not USB
Small Dell monitor (approx 13"). Working perfectly... — Small Dell monitor (approx 13"). Working perfectly VGA or DVI input. Needs power cable. (Note, the base is steel and quite heavy. Probably not suitable for posting)
Blake's Seven, second series DVD box set.... — Blake's Seven, second series DVD box set.
Great snakes! Complete Tintin DVD box set.... — Great snakes! Complete Tintin DVD box set.
Doctor Who VHS, Terror of the Autons with Jon Pert... — Doctor Who VHS, Terror of the Autons with Jon Pertwee
Blake's Seven, first series DVD set.... — Blake's Seven, first series DVD set.
Pair of wall-mountable speaker brackets.... — Pair of wall-mountable speaker brackets.
Wireless keyboard with trackpad and connector dong... — Wireless keyboard with trackpad and connector dongle.
Into The Open Economy ebook — This little short guide to an open access economy is available for free download in English, Czech, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian at: freeworldcharter.org/en/books (No sign-up required, just download!) You can also get the Kindle version for free (or cheap paperback) from Amazon at: https://amzn.to/3feJhcX
Advice on music harmony, melody, chords for any mu... — Advice on music harmony, melody, chords for any musical composition.
Unexplained Phenomena -Mysteries and Curiosities o... — Unexplained Phenomena -Mysteries and Curiosities of Science, Folklore and Superstition. Paperback book by Bob Rickard and John Mitchell
Freakonomics - book by Steven D. Levitt and Stephe... — Freakonomics - book by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. (Paperback)
1001 Songs to Hear Before You Die - a compendium o... — 1001 Songs to Hear Before You Die - a compendium of contemporary song recommendations and the stories behind them.
Free, green web hosting — I can offer high speed, green energy, semi-dedicated hosting for anyone with a great project that they need to put online. For more information and specs, check out wildhost.co.uk. Send me some information about your project please.
REQUEST: Outreach person for Sharebay — Sharebay is a young project and I'm mostly running it alone. I would like to partner with someone who has time and talent to help me promote it. Someone who has experience in promotion and building a userbase using whatever free tools we can and possibly crowdfunding a cohesive advertising plan. Please message me if you are enthusiastic about making this a great site and have 5-6 hours a week to dedicate to a potentially game-changing project.
High Quality Free Clipart — I use openclipart.org all the time for high quality, royalty-free, use-anywhere vector graphics. Get started here https://openclipart.org/join
Brother printer / scanner / fax — Colour printer (four separate CMYK cartridges), scan and fax any document. Model MFC-5460CN. Needs cartridges which are cheap to buy anywhere. Works perfectly. Collection only or will pack and send for $5 + postage costs.
4GB DDR3L SO-DIMM 1600MHz RAM module — 4GB DDR3L SO-DIMM PC3-12800, 1600MHz RAM module to upgrade your computer. Brand OWC. One only. Please double check model is compatible with your computer otherwise it won't work.
Advice on music mixing and production — I have around 20 years experience recording professionally and can give you some good insights on mixing techniques that I've picked up over the years.
Graphic design / branding — I can make you a logo or a basic flyer. Let me know what you need and I'll take a look.
A selection of microphones — I have a selection of studio microphones you are welcome to borrow
ATX PC Power Supply — Brand new, bought in error. Free if you pay postage or collect. Make/model number: CIT 400HE.
Advice on anything — Looking for general life advice? I've tons of life experience and an incisive mind and happy to offer any advice on, well, anything!
Audio editing or mastering — I will master or edit any audio file. Can also consider some mixing. No session files. Raw audio stem files only
Cafetiere, brand new in box — Never used. Brand new in box. 1ltr / 8 cup capacity
Sony 4K Handycam + Rode Mic — Available for anyone wanting to make a professional video. For loan obviously.
PCI Firewire card — No idea what brand, but works perfectly. No use for it.
Spaceonion CD — An album I co-wrote and produced in 2002 with Tom Byrne. Some really funky Latin tunes and funny songs. One is called A Cup of Tea. Kids love it!
'Remuziq' CD — A multigenre album I produced in 2009 of 14 songs composed and performed by me. It got some good critical reviews at the time from local media. It even has a funky gold embossed cover! What's not to like? 😁
Little free book library in Wexford — A box of books and other small items near Main St. in Wexford
Bridgetown Little Free Library — Local sharing point or library in my area..

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