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Edward McCay

Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

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I would liked to have signed your charter without agreeing to every article: I think this is a mistake as I have outlined below. you may be limiting the number of people signing the charter unnecessarily. I agree with almost everything that is in your charter; but believe that you should limit the number of articles in the charter and their scope. 1 All people are equal, and have an equal right to the Earths resources. 2 All people are obliged to help contribute to the above to the best of their ability. 3 People have the right to live where they wish to in the world (within reasonable boundaries; ie movement between different parts of the world should be unrestricted, but one can not decide to move into a home that is already occupied.) I believe that the way forward is to get agreement to these ideas in stages and that further discussion should be limited until (1) has become widely accepted.

Tags: · musician · general diy carpentry-electrics · football · man united · beer · change world for all · believe in peace and equality

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