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Nathan Peirce

Durham, NC, United States

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To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest. ― Gandhi
Hi, I'm an artist and computer programmer. I believe we can build a better world together, and sharing resources is a great start. I believe our major proximal challenges now are climate change, how we treat other animals, and economics (living wage, maximum wage, maximum wealth). The U.S. had a maximum wage for decades and it worked fine. Instead of becoming jaded due to corruption and cruelty, let's build the bright future we all want by working together! :D
animals, artist, civil rights, climate change, coding, empathy, ethics, humor, introvert, liberal, nature, personal growth, politics, proofreading, psychic, psychology, science, sci-fi/fantasy, technology, troubleshooting, video games, alphabetizing, LGBTQ, UBI, living wage, minimum wage, maximum wage, maximum wealth

Tags: · animals · artist · civil rights · climate change · coding · empathy · ethics · humor · introvert · liberal · nature · personal growth · politics · psychic · psychology · science · sci-fi/fantasy · technology · troubleshooting · video games · alphabetizing · lgbtq · ubi · living wage · minimum wage · maxium wage · maximum wealth

Nathan's current listings

Computer help — I can help you with your computer problem.
VBA computer programming tutoring — I will teach you to program computers in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It isn't a hot language, but it's very accessible. It's integrated into Microsoft Office, so you can start using your new skills immediately.
REQUEST: Minecraft — I'd like to learn Java and make my own Minecraft mods. Could you help to teach me? If not, want to play? :D

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