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Larry Lowe

Brockport, New York, United States

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The Light of Life Ministry! The Abundant Life! Fulfillment of Lives Dream! There is a dream men have always had-no matter what country or time or religion they were in-that they could learn to live together in peace and harmony and all work for the good of all with no outside control or force,but so far that dream has not been fulfilled on this earth.In every place where people have given up their personal ambitions for the 'Good of the state it has been under some kind of force-either physical,guns or mental as in brainwashing of indoctrinating children in the the ideas of "nationalism" and patriotism. O so what does that leave us? Is abundant life on this earth impossible as many of the church people tell us? Can a man only hope to grab as much of the pie as he can for himself and forget about everyone else? Some people are content to think so. The bible tells us different in El-shaddai, (More than Enough)! Equality and people empowerment

Tags: · artist · designer · frank loloyd wright · internet marketer · people empowerment · buckminster fuller

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