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David Creagh

Pahoa, Hi, United States

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Money is a symbol for our ideas of worth.,value and lack! Value is inherent in each and every one of us simply because we exist! So I question.,no I refute the notion that we must earn our right to live and live well upon this earth! We are the only species on this planet that assumes such nonsense! Money is a tool of authoritarians who hold control over the production and distribution of.,not only money but the vast majority of the resource wealth of this planet! Why then do we allow this to continue by choosing to participate in what is obviously a fictional.,dishonest and rigged system! Why are we so inured to this idea! The simple answer is because we don't see the value in ourselves and therefore must have authorities to guide us and our value determined by toil and reward!

Skills: · photographer · anarchist · walking · insightful · reading

Interests: · photographer · anarchist · walking · insightful · reading

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