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Marcia Everett Level 2 member

Angier, NC, United States

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What if a group of us volunteered to flip a house. Then we rent that house for less than market value PLUS an obligation to volunteer? We still need money for materials so, how could we do it? But if we do it enough we form a non-profit and continue to do this undercutting capitalism and its highway robbery housing costs.

Skills: · eco village · nonviolent communication · polyamory · atheist · rbe advocate

Interests: · eco village · nonviolent communication · polyamory · atheist · rbe advocate

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REQUEST: LAND in North Carolina — My requests for land are varied. Each requires a group to join together to purchase the land. And Improve on the land. OR a broken down building that is ON LAND that we can fix and not disturb anyone or be disturbed by anyone. 1) land to create an ECO-Village 2) land to create a nonviolent communication, sex positive communal watering hole, den, kind of place 3) land to create a cooperative possibly off of the above ideas such as selling something we grow or selling use of our space. Selling yes until money is not needed. I would have no problem giving once the conditions are so. hopefully this is not a violation. Most times I want to stay here in North Carolina I suppose I would have to start the first one here. Sometimes I wish I could go to a mountain state. I made a listing for the ECO-VIllage at Intentional Communities website. The hardest part is finding the people to work on the projects together. https://www.ic.org/directory/itty-bitty-city/ Take a look.
REQUEST: People to Practice Non VIolent Communication — TZM, TVP, The Transition to RBE Intentional Communities, Eco- Villages These all require that human beings do something we are less skilled at doing: COOPERATE. Learning Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg is key and in some cases a requirement. I live in Harnett County If anyone near me (Angier North Carolina) would like to set up a meeting place or time so that we could practice I'm game.

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