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Leora Lange

Winterport , Maine, United States

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I just want to say to all my brothers and sisters, citizens of this earth, that we can do this! We know that this wonderfully simple situation will eliminate almost all of our current problems in one way or another. The time for evolution is now and we all feel it, we're waking up! It may feel like anything you can do won't change the world but that is a lie. Keep moving forward, you may not feel it but we're all pushing together and more and more of us join the movement every day. Welcome to Evolution!!!

Skills: · utopian · grower · tree hugger · free food advocate · pacifist · empath

Interests: · utopian · grower · tree hugger · free food advocate · pacifist · empath

Leora\'s current listings

Moving boxes, packing materials — We always have lots of clean, sturdy cardboard boxes! Also plenty of packing material. biodegradable packing peanuts made from sorghum (pretty cool), paper and plastic bubbles.
Help growing food! Seeds, advice, tomato plants... — I'm offering my help as a grower! I've loved plants all my life and I grew up in the garden alongside my mom, where she grew most of the produce we ate. I believe nature is fantastically abundant, and there is no good reason for there not to be plenty of free healthy food for everyone. We just moved in but we will be starting a large Community Garden here. :) In the meantime, I'm offering growing advice, seeds, tomato plants, and even vermiculture advice/worms for starting a compost!

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