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R. J. Fields, Jr.

Canyon Lake, Texas, United States

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To advocate for abolishing money is to willingly be viewed as naïve at best or a fool at worst. The thought first occurred to me around 1990 when I envisioned an 'alien' from another planet observing the Earth, seeing that we possessed all the necessary resources, infrastructure, distribution systems, etc., to be able to feed, clothe and provide housing for all people, and yet, this observing 'alien' would also see widespread malnutrition, poverty, crime and homelessness, while observing that some people lived in luxurious homes, had the finest foods, clothes, homes, cars, and boats. Surely, I thought, what must that 'alien' think? Why is there so much widespread suffering while others live luxuriously and extravagantly? For me, we have the ability to change this world so that all people share much more equitably in this earth's bounty. It will take the best minds to determine the methods and assist the transition, but hopefully it will start with the kind of people that are here.

Skills: · computer technician · microsoft certified · curious · science · cosmology

Interests: · computer technician · microsoft certified · curious · science · cosmology

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Computer assistance — Have been working with, assembling, disassembling, teaching about and lessening frustrations over computers for over 30 years. Former attorney who quit to pursue my passion. Am a Microsoft™ Certified Professional, but also can assist with Macs. Can assist you & solve the vast majority of problems remotely using TeamViewer™ 12 remote desktop software for which I have a paid license, but which is a free download for you. If there is another free platform that you wish to use, please contact me.

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