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I Craig G, Lewis, will do, above and beyond my own abilities, and capabilities, to Stand and Support the Free World Chater. It is ALL our Futures. Craig G. Lewis Friday 13, 2017 Well it's Friday 13, 2019 Time we get reconnected :) Blessing for this oppertunity to Server, Share and Save, our World!

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[REQUEST] To Change the World with Graphene
What if we could in 10 years stop burning oil for energy and used it for the buliding blocks of the future. By using Graphene with HDPE plastic we create a Supermaterial. GHDPE we can build bigger, safer, long life, structures. GHDPE will be the building material of the future. :) We will Build the Future with Graphene. Oil and Graphene will build future vehicle frames and components, Bridges and buildings. The United SuperHighway from Coast, to Coast and Off the Coasts. Plastic Floating Islands for 100M's that will have to relocate due to climate change, and oceans rises. Cables for transmitting power, Thermal energy, strength. Geothermal transmission lines. GraphAircrete for Supercements. Stronger, lighter, economical, environmental, sustainable. Prefab homes, building, structures which are fire and hurricane-proof, saving lives, and environments. We are talking a Revolution for the Future with Graphene. It's started and we have the resources, to create
[REQUEST] To Build North America Largest Graphite Mines
Well, I need EVERYTHING, so we can Build. 5 years ago I know that Graphite was used as the lead, in pencils. Now I know that it is a Miricle Mineral and is about to change the World in a much positive way. For the last few years, I discovered that, I may have the Largest Graphite Deposit in North America, in my back yard. 100 Million Metric Million ton. And with a deepwater port, we can have access to 20 other Graphite Deposits that we have in my area of the world, NL, Canada So there has been work done on the property 43-101, 4 drill cores, analysis. Now we need to Secure the Mineral option and conduct more drilling on the property that holds, Gold, Copper, Graphite, and the largest unknown deposit so that we can state that we have a $3B-$12B Deposit for creating NA Largest Graphite mines, Graphene Production/Manufacturing, Deepwater Port Facility. Overall project $100M - $250M With $3B+ Deposit and $100B - $T's in Products. Let's get this Project started :)
[REQUEST] Funding for Saving the Forest from Fire
We several years ago I secure the domain for Fire Suppression Drone. At the time there where no know Fire Suppresion Drones. Even today there are only a few people designing and building them. Yet today we see that that Amazon and many other areas in the world are burning up. So we need to Create, Build and put into ACTION the Fire Suppression Drone So to get our project started we are looking to raise $10K 1. $1K to build a website 2. $3-7K to build/purchase the prototype drone 3. $1K to Design, Manufacture Fire Ball Launching Device 4. $1-2K for purchasing Fire Ball for testing 5. $2-3K to fly to Amazon to test the Fire Suppression Drone?? It will take a couple of months to get a system up and running, so I hope that the majority of the fires are out by then. Yet if not, we will need the Fire Suppression Drones even more. The overall vision is a Squadron of Drones (100's) that can ATTACH a fire FAST and limit the Damages that fire creates. These drone
[REQUEST] My Life Adventure's
Well, I have a week to go before my trip to Costa Rica. I'm hoping to attend Dome Gaia Home Building workshop. Read more here If you can share, support, provide funding source, that would be Amazing :) Thank you, Blessing and Love to All. Craig :)

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