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Michael Gluszczak 1

Slubica Dobra, Mazowieckie, Poland

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Enthusiast of very advanced longevity, intentional communities, pro-vegan lifestyle, healthy outdoor activities, living surrounded by nature, alternative building natural vegetable cultivation, freedom from religion and cults, psychology, electronic automation, renewable energy.
I was born (1966) from Polish parents in Poland and lived with them in the big city Warsaw, our capital. In my late teenage years I started to be interested in esoterics, yoga, spiritual development, switched to vegetarian food. I attended meetings of many groups who were doing all kinds of meditations and followed different paths. Longer and very intensely I stopped and practiced rebirthng breathing. One of groups I was sympathizing with were meeting as kind of community from whom I have learned about value and benefits of community life. Later I was learning about communities in wide perspective and learned that we have it imprinted in our brains as very basic need.

Tags: · free thinker · pro-vegan lifestyle · natural farming · electronic automation · intentional community · energy autonomy · rocket stoves · photovoltaics · solar heating · alternative building · wood and strawbale houses · houses on trees · earthbags building · longevity technol

Michael's current listings

Assembler programming for PIC microcontrollers — I am Microchip pic assembler enthusiast creator. I am happy to help learning pic assembler and create programs for projects around pic microcontrollers. Michael, tel. +48 720 777 545 email: [email protected] http://01tngini.net Youtube www.youtube.com/channel/UCJAtSOYOfaqqDWDp9GjKW5 https://www.facebook.com/NiePsycholog
Community building in central Poland — 6.5 hectares land. Very favorable location less than 30 minutes from our main Warsaw airport. Wild nature. Own abundant water source, cable internet, municipal 3-phase electricity. For highly conscious, pro-vegan people free from smoking tobacco, free from drugs, free from abuse of alcohol, free from religions and cults. Michael, tel. +48 720 777 545 email: [email protected] http://01tngini.net Youtube www.youtube.com/channel/UCJAtSOYOfaqqDWDp9GjKW5 https://www.facebook.com/NiePsycholog
REQUEST: Acoustics - bass horn design — I wish to construct huge sound horn for music bass sound spectrum maximum efficiency. i need assistance with design of such horn. I wish to make it part of music experience room / small hall.
REQUEST: linux computers — Linux multi-monitor : I need help to set up linux on Fujitsu Esprimo 520 desktop with two Nvidia quadro nvs 440 to enable multi-monitor desktop in linux. Michael [email protected]
REQUEST: 18F4431 how to read internal EPROM? — Where do I have error or what should I declare/configure to read internal 18F4431 EEPROM? eeprom_loop movf EE_count, W; move EEPROM address to W ;next lines copied from Microchip 18F44321 data sheet MOVWF EEADR ; Data Memory Address to read BCF EECON1, EEPGD ; Point to DATA memory BSF EECON1, RD ; EEPROM Read MOVF EEDATA, W ; W = EEDATA ;my code continued movwf EE00; move EEPROM data to my EE00 variable call display_EEPROM; my working LCD display routine incf EE_count; next EEPROM address to read call 1second_delay goto eeprom_loop 18F4431 runs @ 40MHz with 10 MHz crystal and 4x pll Michael [email protected] central Poland
REQUEST: Microchip pic programming — Microchip pic help to start writing own C programs with mikroC pro from Mikroelektronika or better alternative. I am already experienced with pic assembler.

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