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Raphi See Level 2 member

Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

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Regenerative & Self Governing Systems, Holochain Ecosystem Native, photo-/videographer and systems thinker

Tags: · photographer · cooking · vegetarian · vegan · design · layout · community · cooperative · sustainable living · sustainable housing · thinker · dreamer · computer · adobe creative cloud · grafics · videographer · pizza · fermentation · wordpress · cycling · resource based economy · systems thinking · holochain

Raphi's current listings

Holochain Advice — Are you creating a project and thinking of building it with Holochain but you have some questions? Then I can certainly help you. I'm very active in the Holochain community and know the workings of Holochain quite well to help you decide if and how Holochain would work with your project.
Aquaponic introduction — I've helped build an aquaponic installation in a Swiss lab and with it's spin off Urban Farmers. if you want to build your own aquaponic installation i can give you an overview of technologies necessary and answer some basic questions you might have.
My Perspective — You have an idea and want to check if its viable, want to think it through some more, want to hear an outsiders opinion? Then I offer my perspective from my point of view, to hopefully help you see more clearly with an idea, problem or question you have. I'm quite observing and quickly understand how something works and see how it interacts with it's surroundings. I love to look at the possibilities and potentials of ideas or projects.

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