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Christine Dribin Level 3 member 8

EUGENE, Oregon, United States

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Are you wondering how we will take care of ourselves as our infrastructure continues to do less and less for us? What if we could actually get started taking care of each other now? What if we could start sharing our labor and resources with each other equally as soon as we can? This may be the venue we need to emancipate ourselves from the slavery associated with money! Join us on Sharebay!!!

Tags: · master gardener · pemf · registered nurse · reiki master · raw dairy processing · live food diet · community organizing · structured water · urban farming · disaster preparedness · fresh eggs · fresh vegetables · fresh fruits · seasonal eating · couch hosti · freeworlder

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REQUEST: Strawberry Pruning and transplanting help — Garden helpers needed to help freshen up strawberries on our farm!
REQUEST: Garden Helpers to learn Perpetual Food Sustainability — I am looking for enthusiastic farming students to work in 1 hour increments that want to learn how to create food sustainability all year long. I am an OSU Master Gardener, at Silver Quarter Suburban Farms, in North Eugene. I need physical help in getting some simple tasks done, and at the same time can teach how we can meet all of our food needs by coordinating our efforts.
Potluck Dish — I will be making a delicious dish to share at our potluck!
REQUEST: seasoned fire wood — I am looking for seasoned fire wood for the coming winter. We can pick up, but delivery would be greatly appreciated! We could use 1 cord, but 2 would be even better!
Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy — Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy helps to treat 284 different medical conditions. I am happy to provide treatments to individuals needing help to raise their voltage and improve circulation. To learn more about this incredibily valuable therapy, check out http://www.nisancos.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/shupak2003.pdf where there is a very detailed article with references regarding the many benefits of PEMF therapy.
Raw Dairy Processing — Would you like to discover the delicious nature of Raw Dairy? Come learn how to make your own yogurt, butter, cheese and more! We are a drop site for organically raised, free ranging grass fed Raw Milk, and each week we make our own dairy products!
Structured Water — We have recently installed a Dynamically Enhanced Water Structuring unit from Natural Action. Structured Water is absorbed more easily by our cells at the molecular level, making mineral absorption and toxin elimination much more effective for greater health.

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