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Quinn Fowler

Riverside, California, United States

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We should've made everything free a long time ago. The great depression should've been the great succession. Epic fail! All the work was done. This means everything was earned for everyone. But instead of mass retirement, we got mass poverty. We should only put a price on goods that are limited in supply. Or just share more. Even though we now have too much, many people still regularly refuse to lower prices, and even have the audacity to increase them...

The majority of people on this planet are unacceptably ignorant of how things work. I fail to see how signing a charter can help change that. But I'll sign anyway.

Skills: · programmer · acrobat · gadgeteer/tinkerer · minimalist · celibate

Interests: · programmer · acrobat · gadgeteer/tinkerer · minimalist · celibate

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