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A free person. I love the idea of www.trade-free.org and I am fan of www.tromsite.com Grab a free training programs at myworkoutarena.org All my listings are TRADE-FREE- So no money-talking,please

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Raimondas's current listings

[REQUEST] Frozen rats rodents
Looking large rats for my python. Can be wild one if caugth any. But not killed with poison. My python is starving for your lovely rats.
Pine cone delycacy
Home made pine cone delicacy from LITHUANIA forests. Explore more products at www.riro.lt Come and try! One per person. We arw looking for the spring pickers. You will learn how to do it. So you will be able to cook yourself!
[REQUEST] Garmin watch fenix or solar
Looking for Garmin watch fenix or solar because my garmin fenix 3 stoped working
[REQUEST] Plywood or mdf board
Looking for plywood or mdf board.any decent board will help
Power bank 10.000mah
Trade-free power bank 10.000mah.charge phone just need usb cable.
[REQUEST] Looking for hemp seed oil
Looking for hemp seed oil. need 2 bottles(30ml) per month
[REQUEST] Mobile phone from the list(old phone)
Looking for the mobile phone to try ubuntu touch. you can find a list here or in the photo. Oneplus One (bacon) Bq Aquaris M10 FHD (frieza) Nexus 5 (hammerhead) Fairphone 2 (FP2) Bq Aquaris M10 HD (cooler) Nexus 4 (mako) VollaPhone (yggdrasil) Bq Aquaris E5 (vegetahd) Meizu Pro 5 (turbo) legacy Bq Aquaris E4.5 (krillin) Meizu MX4 (arale) legacy Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (vince)
[REQUEST] Wooden pallets
If you have any and you want to get rid off, i can pick up locally or just drop at 38 forest road en3 6st. Many thanks!!
Usb stick flash drive 8gb with TROMjaro boot
Usb drive(8gb) with Tromjaro boot(linux), boot your pc or laptop from USB, try it, if you like it- install and enjoy!!
Trade-free wifi hotspot
Trade-free wifi hotspot. United Kingdom en3 6st Wifi name www.trade-free.org Password Tradefree1 Enjoy!!!
Kuran-i kerim Turce meali Book
Kuran-i kerim Turce meali Book. Tukish book.
Portable wireless speaker radio soundound SOLO
Wireless portable speaker.radio. cd card slot.power bank 1200mah 3wx2 power output.
Trade free power bank 2000maH
Trade free power bank. No cables included. You can use any usb charging cable.
Sudio regent bluetooth headphones(TAKEN)
Nice sudio regent bluetooth headphones, but take veho if you want better sound quality.
Power supply pc 375w
Power supply 375w. Do not have sata connections only 4 pin connectors, you can make it with additional cables. Local pick up
Veho Bluetooth wireless headphones phone pc
Wireless bluetooth headphone, mice sound and bass, recommended. Veho uk built.
Bluetooth speaker xtreme
Bluetooth soeaker xtreme, not the best speaker but you can play music and charge your phone.
Blue microphone
Blue ball microphone.
Canon EOS 1300d
Camera canon eos 1300d. Can provide extra lens.
Kids car electric(taken)
Kids car electric. Not working because need a new batteries. No charger(laptop carger you can use 12v ) no remote control. Conected to new batteries works fine. Taken for 21£.
OontZ angle 3 bluetooth speakers
Fcuking amazing little speakers. Give nice sound with a bass. I have for of them. Two 3s and another two 3generation.
Building the pc
I can help you to build your pc, building pc is cheaper when to buy a new one. My latest works in the picture.
Any dvd cd movie music video film clip
I can burn you any dvd or cd if your favorite music or movie.
Free books/videos online for free
Free books online for free. just go to https://keybase.pub/rmsfitness/ And don't forget to send me a "Thank You" message!!! If you need any book, just let me know as well, I will put in the cloud.
Free online cloud for your big files
I am offering free online cloud for your big files(important files) like system back ups, project files, videos, pictures. you need to have syncthing app/program, contact me, I will send my ID. Please, consider to donate if you find it useful. https://www.patreon.com/rmsfitness
Personal Training
Offering free online personal Training(https://www.ptdistinction.com/rmsfitness) as well I have my private garage gym, you are welcome!

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