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Lavra Tamutus 3

Newark, Delaware, United States

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I'm programming https://magnova.space to create a new government and economy. Life is a human right, and it shouldn't be paywalled. https://moneylesssociety.com/economy/you-shouldnt-have-to-pay-to-be-alive/

Tags: · vegan · resource based economy · programmer · web developer · activist · music · nonbinary · trans · leftist · inventor

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Guidance on setting up a Magnova project template — Do you have a project that will help benefit your community, or perhaps the world? You can create a project on Magnova to plan it out. On this free, direct action-oriented website that I'm working on, you can participate in creating a map of what's challenging the world, what you think are the root causes of social ills, and instead of debating you can connect community-driven projects to those issues. If you have ideas for collective, coordinated action that you want to see happen, I'll show you how to get started on the platform and set up a project or projects of your own. A future feature of Magnova will be to allow projects to be deployed at any location that has been added to our crowdsourced, recursive location database. You can already create pages for local issues that affect where you live. The location database is still fresh, so locations are not very specific yet, but with aid from the community, that can be improved. It is a tool of the commons that could lead to locally sensitive, direct action for social good around the world!

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