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Josh Pazamore

Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

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About Josh

I’m Josh Pasmore. What I’d like to see for the world is one in which we move forward with respect and honor. I’d like to see a world of synergy in place of force. A world where we focus on solutions instead of problems. A world where we find our true tribe and family and have the time and acceptance to explore why we are here on earth, and our place in the universe.
I come from a standard american life with divorced parents who both moved a lot. I recognized a world where our freedoms had been taken away at an early age.
• I stand for freedom and self expression.

• I stand for everyone feeling safe and accepted. 

• I stand for synergy and reciprocation.

• I stand for living in harmony with nature and natural law

• I stand for seeing past programming and the forced world that has been designed for us. 

I want to be a part of a culture that respects natural law and is able to move forward into a fast changing future. A culture where we are bonded to one another like family. A place where adults and youth get to be a part of designing our culture and the values that guide us.
I have experience in building whole systems such as villages and cities with a focus on business development and funding. I’ve built new economies and am an action oriented person. I’m looking for those aligned and willing to experiment with implementing solutions and moving forward in trust.
I’m looking for champions who have already done their inner work. I’m ready to move from a solo hero’s journey to a collective hero’s journey and have obtained the tools to do so.
I’m looking for my true tribe and family. I want to grow roots and build a new future; a new paradigm.

Skills: · adventure · new paradigm · innovation · honor · synergy

Interests: · adventure · new paradigm · innovation · honor · synergy

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