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lunchbaghead waters

Columbia, Maryland, United States

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About lunchbaghead

I have quite a bit of experience working for the gift economy. I've helped start a Really Really Free Market before, I've tried making different websites to facilitate the sharing of resources, I've tried running a pretty unique free hotel model me and a friend came up with, and I'm generally always interested in finding ways to strengthen the circulation of resources through the gift economy.

My passion for the gift economy lead to questioning the artificial scarcity of the housing market, getting involved with housing rights activism, and direct action to house the homeless. Trying to find ways of directly mitigating the suffering caused by the scarcity of housing has since lead me to wood-working and trying to house people directly by building micro mobile-homes for people.

I have been trying to design a very tiny mobile-home that I can make using free wood, like discarded pallets. My intention is to find pallets and free wood through resource-sharing websites and pay-it-forward by using the wood to build small mobile homes for homeless people. I'm still figuring out the logistics and getting in touch with resources.

I have a personal website:
https://lunchbaghead.me - right now it's mostly just a webcomic that I don't update nearly enough.

Skills: · woodworking · building · foraging

Interests: · gift economy

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