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Estel·la Prado

barcelona, catalunya, Spain

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Why people just accept we have to pay for food? Has to be a public service! We need it to live! Is not fair! As healthy assistant is public in some countries... We have the power! The population make everything. We just need to stop to use money. What if we start with a day strike of consume? Don't use the money at all. Use what we have and the service we have. And if we don't have ask to somebody if they have and they don't use. Don't pay for anything. Can u imagine? Can the world imagine that? Thanks a lot for ur project! I love it and is the only solution i could see to that world. It will be soon. :=) In the point number 6 is also if we consume with responsability we'll have to work less! Is give for give, that's it and is not a big problem, is amazing! :) The change is inside individually. We need to know ourselves, we need to work in ourselves. Just be. :=) Thanks again! Take care, enjoy the life and be happy!!!

Skills: · fotografia · filmmaker · education · platja · muntanya

Interests: · fotografia · filmmaker · education · platja · muntanya

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