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Cochabamba, Bolivia (6384.9 km)
Books, Cooking, Writing and Editing (in Spanish), education and knowledge
I work in a university in Bolivia and I will be glad to help with sharing my books, writing and editing documents in Spanish and giving support with education and knowledge. More locally I would like to help people with cooking or keeping company talking, reading, etc.
Quindío, Colombia (3840.0 km)
California, United States (3655.4 km)
The Tantric Meditation System of RedTara
The Wednesday series of 16 weekly, live, meditation class webinars begins this week. You could register for FREE at . Do NOT be put off by the mention of donations, for they are completely optional, BUT there are three mandatory things: ONE - be punctual (if you're not early, you're late), TWO - be courteous to your fellow students, and THREE - enthusiastically perform your homework every morning and every evening otherwise you simply will not benefit from attending.
SA, Australia (16790.0 km)
[REQUEST] Visionary to help buid a global system free of money or trade
Seeking visionary/collaborator with good communication skills to invent a substitute to the current global economics system of trade & money. The end game being a robust and convincing system that world governments can consider adopting. This work would be done in collaboration with who has a partial model already built.
KY, United States (723.4 km)
Free Housing Guide for the Homeless
Free Download eBook Guide for the Homeless. Locate Free places to sleep and food. Also, learn how to locate free long term housing and work.
KY, United States (723.4 km)
Tantra Massage & Energy Healing
Namaste'Family, Tantra et Energy healing is changing the way we heal the world. I can do distance healing or in person. I heal people for free... if you wish to barter or gift, that's up to your spirit.
California, United States (3655.4 km)
Meditation and Philosophical Instruction
The Monday series of 16 live, weekly meditation class webinars begins in LESS than two weeks. You could register for FREE at and NO donation is required.
Frankreich, France (6086.7 km)
PDF crochet tutorial (amigurumi)
So far three different crochet tutorials of my own, hoping to add more in the future. Some in English, French and German. Link to the folder from where the tutorials can be selected and downloaded :
California, United States (3655.4 km)
Meditation and Philosophy Class
The Wednesday series of live, weekly, webinar, meditation and philosophy classes begins in less than two weeks.
California, United States (3655.4 km)
The Tantric Meditation System of Green Tara
Winter's Tuesday series of live, interactive, webinar, meditation classes begins next week. I accept ten gratis students for each series. If you're interested in applying, write me at:
California, United States (3655.4 km)
The Tantric Meditation System of the Buddha of Compassion
The Tuesday series of live, webinar, meditation classes begins January 7th at 6pm (pst or -8gmt)
Tarragona, Spain (6447.7 km)
formació per utilitzar cryptomonedes
Os ensenyaré a usar diners lliures de control estatal i bancari, a tenir una cartera de monedes crypto, com bitcoin, a enviar ne, a rebre'n i a guardar bé la copia de seguretat.
Jihomoravský, Czech Republic (7083.3 km)
FasterEFT terapie (czech, slovak,esperanto)
Terapie s pomocí metody FasterEFT (emoční, vztahové i fyzické potíže). FasterEFT therapy (emocional, relational and physical troubles).
California, United States (3655.4 km)
The Tantric Meditation System of Green Tara
The Saturday series of weekly, webinar, meditation classes begins the first week of November. Incrementally you'll learn an easy yet profoundly effective system of chanting, mantra meditation, and silent meditation. It is useful whether you have physical goals or spiritual goals, humble goals or lofty ones. It is centered upon the Female Buddha, Green Tara who is practiced in each of the four schools of Tibet. Although there are many systems to choose from, the one I offer, is NOT focused on ritual or elitism. It is pragmatic, easy, fun and effective. I'd love to hear from you :-)
California, United States (3655.4 km)
Meditation and Philosophical Instruction
The Wednesday series of 16, weekly, webinar, meditation-classes begins in less than a week.
PA, United States (264.8 km)
Drum Circle Leader
I am offering to lead people in making merry sounds with all kinds of percussive implements. In your home, outside, maybe even parade around town.
pistoia toscana, Italy (7023.0 km)
mandolin tuition
anyone interested in learning how to play one of the most beautyful instruments ?
California, United States (3655.4 km)
Meditation and Philosophy training
I am happy to share my life's work of studying and practicing Buddhist and Taoist, Meditation and Philosophy. Meditation could be easier than you've ever imagined.
California, United States (3655.4 km)
The Tantric Meditation System of Green Tara
This Tibetan cycle of philosophies and meditations can enhance our mindfulness, insight and compassion as well as our peace, creativity, resourcefulness, and resiliancey. I could teach you online over our webcams
Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, France (6779.1 km)
I can teach a lot of things like languages (French, Spanish, English), sciences, consciousness, martials arts, cooking.