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Liberecký kraj, Czech Republic (6887.8 km)
[REQUEST] Výpomoc se zahradou
Zdravím. Hledám nové přátele na občasnou výpomoc na zahradě. Na oplátku nabízím spoustu eko ovoce, ale také zapojení do unikátního projektu lokální bezpeněžní ekonomiky Copiosis. Již jsem toho pro Planetu mnoho vykonal, ale v okolí bohužel nikoho podobného neznám.
SA, Australia (16790.0 km)
[REQUEST] Visionary to help buid a global system free of money or trade
Seeking visionary/collaborator with good communication skills to invent a substitute to the current global economics system of trade & money. The end game being a robust and convincing system that world governments can consider adopting. This work would be done in collaboration with who has a partial model already built.
Co. Wexford, Ireland (5475.1 km)
[REQUEST] Advice on cheap high spec PC to run Ubuntu
I need a fast PC to run Ubuntu with Kdenlive or Openshot for video editing. I've had many problems with Ubuntu on some machines but would prefer to keep using it if I can find some really reliable and cheap hardware to run it properly.
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom (5889.8 km)
[REQUEST] Bluetooth mouse
Bluetooth mouse for a computer.
KY, United States (723.4 km)
[REQUEST] Global Free Live-In Helpers
Need Free Live-in Child Care, Senior help, Family assistant, Business helper, Domestic & Cook helper, Teacher and Childcare, Builder & Construction Helper, Healer, Personal Training, etc... Whatever you need, let me know. Full background check provided and requested. References upon request. (The goal is to inspire people to help each other for the common good.)
England, United Kingdom (5829.2 km)
[REQUEST] Marketing
i have a vision for fully integrated health & social care services that are all inclusive of all people / opinions. There is a rough plan here - Main page - At my end this is an entirely non profit project. i have interest from some others, including a mental health professional. What we are now looking for is for someone experienced in marketing to try & take this vision / project further & to try & give it a more mass appeal. Thanks.
Cross River, Nigeria (9294.4 km)
[REQUEST] Website Developer/design
Hi Colin, what exactly do you mean by "help with web design"? Can you give me a hand in developing a website for Heaven Town Vision? I'm applying through the freeworlder site as well. Let me know how we can get started. Blaze.
Florida, United States (1254.3 km)
[REQUEST] FreeWorldOne T-shirt
T-shirt to promote awareness of the project.
Thüringen, Germany (6682.1 km)
[REQUEST] City El Reparatur BJ 1994 Warscheinlich Curtis
Hallo, Ich suche Jemanden, der meinen Elektroflitzer reparieren kann. Es funktionieren nur Warnblinker, Blinker Abblendlicht, Fernlicht, Standlicht. Früher hat er beim Schlüssel umdrehen klick gemacht aber die Schütze ziehen nicht mehr an. Und beim Sicherung einstecken ist nur ein ganz leises Klicken zu hören. Hoffe es findet sich Jemand. Gruß. Ben
Zurich, Switzerland (6669.4 km)
[REQUEST] Land für Renaturierung
1) Water management 2) Pioneer Plants and Trees 3) Succession Planting 4) Biodiverse Food forests and parks
San Lucia de Tirajana, Spain (1813.3 km)
[REQUEST] Raw Sugar Packets - Whole Wheat/Multigrain Flour - Chia / Oats / Quinoa
Would you give up the sugar in your coffee today? That little packet of brown sugar? Some Chia seeds? Quinoa? Would you consider donating a single bag of flour? That whole-grain bag? Why? Instead of asking for money, we realized (our group Attarum) that it is worth a lot to have these items...Why? Because all civilization is based on agriculture and food. What we take for granted in the civilized world is scarce in the developing world (so expensive it's out of reach.) To learn more about Attarum Humanitarian Ideas that are in need of support: Check here...
Vermont, United States (693.0 km)
[REQUEST] Advice needed on appropriate software
Hello freeworlders! I'd like to print earth memes on stickers. I need advice on what software I could use that allows the lettering to print in a circular way on round stickers. Much appreciated if you could help. Possibly someone who is familiar with graphic design. The attached pic is just an example.
Mazowieckie, Poland (7183.2 km)
[REQUEST] Acoustics - bass horn design
I wish to construct huge sound horn for music bass sound spectrum maximum efficiency. i need assistance with design of such horn. I wish to make it part of music experience room / small hall.
Otago, New Zealand (14604.6 km)
[REQUEST] Permaculture
We feel grateful to be stewarding (can one truly "own" land?) 20 acres along the Lindis River in Tarras, New Zealand. We are off grid with composting toilets at the moment,have a bit of internet service in spots and have caravan accommodation for folks happy to come educate and help get us going with permaculture. Thank you! :)
MI, United States (469.7 km)
[REQUEST] Wanted: Business Partner for Free To Play Technology
We are making a US-based thought assistant and game to launch as a social network in 2020. If you are a special third person to our team looking for inspiration and commitment, you found it. A little bit about us: We are the first company to play white code without a screen or a console. We put it on our fingers and play a you instance in your space. The technology is clean and we have code friends to play with. I am looking for a business advice life partner to market (maybe free or invites too...) a new technology. Based out of Oberlin, Ohio but you work virtually. I am creative at making memes and code constantly but I don't have enough time to do the business aspects like bringing on more people or investors. If you are ready to go "I'm In" with an entrepreneur/revolutionary and a popular girl, we will consider working with you.
NL, Canada (2078.7 km)
[REQUEST] To Change the World with Graphene
What if we could in 10 years stop burning oil for energy and used it for the buliding blocks of the future. By using Graphene with HDPE plastic we create a Supermaterial. GHDPE we can build bigger, safer, long life, structures. GHDPE will be the building material of the future. :) We will Build the Future with Graphene. Oil and Graphene will build future vehicle frames and components, Bridges and buildings. The United SuperHighway from Coast, to Coast and Off the Coasts. Plastic Floating Islands for 100M's that will have to relocate due to climate change, and oceans rises. Cables for transmitting power, Thermal energy, strength. Geothermal transmission lines. GraphAircrete for Supercements. Stronger, lighter, economical, environmental, sustainable. Prefab homes, building, structures which are fire and hurricane-proof, saving lives, and environments. We are talking a Revolution for the Future with Graphene. It's started and we have the resources, to create
California, United States (3655.4 km)
[REQUEST] Self Publishing Mentoring
Dear free world-ers I have met, and have yet to meet, every day I write about a thousand words of prose and poetry. I'd like to publish them annually as a kindle and a paperback, but I have neither the time nor the energy to rummage around the labyrinth that is the KDP site. If you have some experience with this would you please mentor me through the process? Thank You :-)
California, United States (3655.4 km)
[REQUEST] english literature
I am looking for some contemporary prose that is rich in simile for that speaks deeply to my heart. Think U2's "Bullit to Blue Sky," but on paper.
California, United States (3655.4 km)
[REQUEST] Blog SEO guidance
Every morning I generate a 1,000+ word essay that I currently post on facebook, twitter, and a free blog posting site while I'm waiting for my pal to complete my Wix site with built-in blog.I figure it's never to soon to begin deveolping my key word skill. Specifically, I've heard tell that google prefers "strings of 2 - 5" keywords. I find this quite daunting and could really use some help. Thank you.
NL, Canada (2078.7 km)
[REQUEST] To Build North America Largest Graphite Mines
Well, I need EVERYTHING, so we can Build. 5 years ago I know that Graphite was used as the lead, in pencils. Now I know that it is a Miricle Mineral and is about to change the World in a much positive way. For the last few years, I discovered that, I may have the Largest Graphite Deposit in North America, in my back yard. 100 Million Metric Million ton. And with a deepwater port, we can have access to 20 other Graphite Deposits that we have in my area of the world, NL, Canada So there has been work done on the property 43-101, 4 drill cores, analysis. Now we need to Secure the Mineral option and conduct more drilling on the property that holds, Gold, Copper, Graphite, and the largest unknown deposit so that we can state that we have a $3B-$12B Deposit for creating NA Largest Graphite mines, Graphene Production/Manufacturing, Deepwater Port Facility. Overall project $100M - $250M With $3B+ Deposit and $100B - $T's in Products. Let's get this Project started :)