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Nevada, United States (3608.9 km)
Work exchange for rent / helping hand
I would be happy to offer general labor, cleaning, carpentry, metal working, gardening, farming, and permaculture services in exchange for rent. I would love to join someone who has a large piece of property with nature and running water. Someone with goals to build a sustainable community. I’m ready to leave my home town and I’m opening up to magic and miracles!
Hessen, Germany (7087.7 km)
[REQUEST] I am looking for work
I am interested in doing an apprenticeship in carpentry or tailoring. Ich interessiere mich für eine Ausbildung in Zimmerei oder Schneiderei.
Essex, United Kingdom (5965.8 km)
I I can provide woodworking services including; simple chairs, cupboards, planters, benches and stools. I usually use pallet wood (as it is free and readily available) I can also provide lessons in this skill. Please contact me for more information and a portfolio.
Western Australia, Australia (18741.5 km)
Building or gardening skills
4 hours of building, gardening, or general help