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Lincolnshire, United Kingdom (5889.8 km)
Computer support and Windows to Linux installations
I can offer advice to english speaking people on how to fix your computer operating system or hardware issues. I can do operating system reinstalls or windows replacements with linux if required. I am mostly knowledgeable fixing software issues more so than hardware in Windows and Ubuntu based Linux operating systems but you can still respond to this listing and i will give your computer issues my best shot in helping fix them. If your struggling i can make the journey to those in Skegness area to see if i can fix the issue for you.
or, United States (3786.2 km)
Basic computer and phone help
Getting around in your phone and computer. Plus skills like creating basic websites and business cards.
Texas, United States (2149.4 km)
Computer assistance
Have been working with, assembling, disassembling, teaching about and sharing frustrations over computers for over 30 years. Former attorney who quit to pursue my passion. Am a Microsoft® Certified Professional, but also can assist with Macs.
NC, United States (357.0 km)
VBA computer programming tutoring
I will teach you to program computers in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It isn't a hot language, but it's very accessible. It's integrated into Microsoft Office, so you can start using your new skills immediately.
Wisconsin, United States (1104.3 km)
Repair services
motorcycle mechanics and electronic repair, computer repair, automotive electronics and repair.
SINGAPORE, Singapore (15511.3 km)
Free Learning Facilitation
I offer tutoring for math, sciences, engineering and general computer skills to elementary persons. (Perhaps secondary and tertiary students, one day) Message me if you have any questions through WA +65 9850 9579. ------------------------ "FREE? Really? How you survive liddat?" Common question, well... I accept all forms of compensation in exchange for this service. But know this, our arrangements are flexible for both of our interests, and if I am unable to cope with the number of requests
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom (5889.8 km)
[REQUEST] Locally sourced computers in the Skegness area that i can install Linux on
If you have any unwanted computers like old laptops or desktop PC's, i can install Linux on them to bring the operating system up to date and share them out to the community. Please only respond to this listing if the item is located locally in the Skegness area thanks.
WA, United States (1460.7 km)
computer programming tutoring/teaching
computer programming tutoring/teaching
Middlesex, United Kingdom (5917.5 km)
Dell inspiron 1545 laptop t3100 1.9hhz 3ram 500hdd tromjaro
Dell laptop story. Bought it from ebay as not working 40£. Changed 320hhd to 500hhd 10£. Tried to fix battery without luck, bought a new battery 13£. Could not find a charger from my collection so bought a new one 10£. Working perfect with operating system TROMJARO. What is your trade-free project? Put request on the laptop, the best trade-free project will win the laptop.
Sofia, Bulgaria (7930.3 km)
Computer Support, PC remote support, Android smartphone remote support
If you need remote or on-site PC or android service or support I can help you
Southern Karelia, Finland (7054.5 km)
Having trouble using computers, or weird glitches you'd like to get rid of. I am available to help. we can do this either in Finnish or in English
Middlesex, United Kingdom (5917.5 km)
Building the pc
I can help you to build your pc, building pc is cheaper when to buy a new one. My latest works in the picture.
CA, United States (3608.9 km)
Looking for books in the subjects of Sports, Religion, History, Animals, Military, Business, Education, Computer Science, Investment, this list goes on and on, please contact anytime.
or, United States (3786.6 km)
Freeworlder education
I can sit down with you, help you build a profile, and learn how to work freeworlder :)
Florida, United States (1257.2 km)
Tech support
Anyone need any help, advice with tech? Computers, windows, Mac, iPhone, Android? I’ve built a few windows computers in my spare time. Can help troubleshoot or whatever.
NC, United States (357.0 km)
[REQUEST] Minecraft
I'd like to learn Java and make my own Minecraft mods. Could you help to teach me? If not, want to play? :D
Co. Wexford, Ireland (5475.1 km)
ATX PC Power Supply
Brand new, bought in error. Free if you pay postage or collect. Make/model number: CIT 400HE.
Tbilisi, Georgia (9303.5 km)
Distant IT Services
Remote PC (personal computer) service (troubleshooting) with the Windows system (7,8,10). This includes OS and some software troubleshooting (browsers, MS Office and so on). This requires Team Viewer installed on your side to troubleshoot your PC.
Florida, United States (3695.0 km)
CCNA Routing and Switching Class
Preparation for anyone wishing to obtain a solid background in basic Cisco networking concepts and prepare for the CCNA exams. 200-125 CCNA or 100-105 ICND1 200-105 ICND2
Middlesex, United Kingdom (5917.5 km)
Blue microphone
Blue ball microphone.