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NB, Netherlands (407.5 km)
Canon Speedlite 430EX II
Dedicated flitser voor Canon Eos camera. Gaat weg omdat de camera ermee is gestopt.
New South Wales, Australia (16990.7 km)
Webpage development and graphic design
Happy to offer my skills to a noteworthy cause (read: that i agree with) that has a dedicated member(s), as a web-page developer at a cost. At cost meaning: my geek labor is free but hosting/software costs are paid by org. you can learn more about me at my forever under development site -
NSW, Australia (16988.1 km)
[REQUEST] barefoot mud stomp dancers of all ages
One afternoon in the summer we will host a Musical Mud Stomp. There will be an audience, some water to wash off your feet, some live acoustic musicians playing for you and a team dedicated to serving you some refreshments afterwards. The mixed mud will be formed into bricks to dry in the sun and later used for and by the community to build and sculpt a function structure as per