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Pichincha, Ecuador (6838.1 km)
I usually have lots of food, some over and some over Dumpster-Diving. So if you need some, or wanna join some cooking, please let me know
Lisbon, Portugal (5767.2 km)
Land for free use on an organic way
Free Land-Sharing for Nature-Lovers, search for Living Wild Association to know more and share this Post Please, Earth is Calling
Oregon, United States (3786.3 km)
Potluck Dish
I will be making a delicious dish to share at our potluck!
Flemish Brabant, Belgium (6250.5 km)
[REQUEST] Writers on social and ecological matters
For the lifestyle magazine "From Guestwriters" we can do with people who would not mind sharing their ideas about history, ecology, way of life, etc.. Reviewers of books and articles or things not to miss, are also very welcome.
Oregon, United States (3787.5 km)
[REQUEST] Food Processor
I have a tiny one that can do some basic stuff, but I would like a larger one that can handle bigger food projects.
CO, United States (2447.4 km)
food and supply delivery
Can deliver supplies and food to your doorstep if you are sick or at-risk population in home quarantine
North Carolina, United States (460.1 km)
I am always happy to accept food. I prefer fresh fruits and canned veggies, but anything will be appreciated. I love stone fruits and tropical fruits. Thank you very much!
Oregon, United States (3786.3 km)
[REQUEST] Garden Helpers to learn Perpetual Food Sustainability
I am looking for enthusiastic farming students to work in 1 hour increments that want to learn how to create food sustainability all year long. I am an OSU Master Gardener, at Silver Quarter Suburban Farms, in North Eugene. I need physical help in getting some simple tasks done, and at the same time can teach how we can meet all of our food needs by coordinating our efforts.
Oregon, United States (3787.7 km)
[REQUEST] Freezer
Chest freezer would be ideal, but will accept any kind, any size.
Jylland, Denmark (6369.7 km)
Coffee/Tea, Friendly Chat, Tour :)
You're welcome to come and visit Petersholm where I volunteer. You can have a little something to drink and a snack; a friendly chat about the world, sharing-economies/resource-based economies/open-source economies, or anything else; a tour of Petersholm smallscale permaculture and alternative projects farm and B&B, driven by Andrea Moreno and international volunteers. Hope to see you, come happy. :) I speak English, Danish and a little German. Other volunteers at Petersholm speak Spanish and other languages. Vi taler dansk!
Oregon, United States (3787.7 km)
[REQUEST] Food (organic preferred)
Any food / ingredients with which to make food welcome. Especially organic/local/non gmo.
MN, United States (1454.5 km)
[REQUEST] Ubuntu MN guests
We are a giving and sharing group that meets monthly in Minneapolis.
Florida, United States (1118.2 km)
[REQUEST] Hay donations for compost/food forest floor
Needing any/all hay/straw/grass clippings fresh or old and even moldy hay to use as composting floor for our permaculture food forest...must be delivered as we have no trailer yet...Located at HT3 site in Suwannee County Florida area... ...Thanks Friends !!!
Co. Wexford, Ireland (5474.3 km)
Vegan cooking classes and recipes
I am a happy vegan person. I love cooking, and I only eat vegan and gluten-free food, simple and deliiiicious, and I love it! I can give you some of my vegan gluten-free recipes, or advices about vegan food.
North Carolina, United States (387.6 km)
consultant call on any of my areas of expertise
1. child care/development/health maintenance 2. permaculture/food foresting/seed saving 3. food preservation 4. pattern/template swap requests 5. little free library placement 6. animal care 7. anything else on my list
Texas, United States (2149.4 km)
Computer assistance
Have been working with, assembling, disassembling, teaching about and sharing frustrations over computers for over 30 years. Former attorney who quit to pursue my passion. Am a Microsoft® Certified Professional, but also can assist with Macs.
Wales, United Kingdom (5680.5 km)
[REQUEST] Business partner
I am looking for one person to join me in enterprise aimed at financing world change (initially) at the local level by building and later buying businesses to give services to the community at reasonable prices and in some cases free of charge to the needy. I can provide accommodation and business premises to get started. Prefer a non smoker. I am a non smoker, non drinker, vegan and I want us to grow the partnership to the point where we can open a free food vegan cafe or restaurant. That will mean attracting more members as two people cannot do everything. Maybe when there are ten or twenty members we can open our first cafe. Any such enterprise needs at least one person to start it and others to join it. Is anyone willing to join me? Are you willing to be that all-important second person?
Alabama, United States (944.8 km)
Cooking veggie meals
I cook yummy inexpensive, healthy meals. I Enjoy creating meal plans that fit the needs of people who wish to shift to a healthy way to live for all.
Punjab, India (11812.6 km)
To know thyself
Express yourself as you are not as you want to n share anything to everything that disturb you or you are afraid to can express totally and freely. i am your MITRA. don't hesitate.I am just one click away from your heart.look into your heart n dive deep with me.yo canalso contact me on+919417217993 or
Otago, New Zealand (14604.9 km)
[REQUEST] Fruit and nut trees, plants (especially organic)
We have purchased approximately 15 acres along the Lindis River in Tarras, New Zealand. If anyone has spare food producing trees, shrubs and plants, or great companion or complementary plants, we will home them with loving care!