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Normandie, France (6028.7 km)
I offer to take care of your garden (vegetables and flowers) in exchange of a part of the harvest.
or, United States (3786.6 km)
Gardening and weeding
Gardening and weeding. I'm still learning when it comes to planting and permaculture... But I take direction well. I love working outside in the dirt. I love physical work and I will be able to lift... not much more than 40 pounds though. I'm not THAT tough! I have a lot of experience with indoor gardening.
England, United Kingdom (5927.9 km)
Gardening Services
Gardening services in exchange for organic produce
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany (6471.5 km)
gardening advice, singer (tenor to slightly barriton), song- and poem writer.
I am textwriter for poems which could be used in songs. My voice is well-formed by experience in choir and mostly by singing each day. Also, u can ask me on gardening issues because of my job-education to gardener.
Western Australia, Australia (18741.5 km)
Building or gardening skills
4 hours of building, gardening, or general help
East Sussex, United Kingdom (5984.7 km)
Help in the garden, planting, weeding, watering looking after plants etc.
, New Zealand (13850.7 km)
Life & computing coaching, sustainable gardening
I have a variety of skills in computing (not internet), raise some of my own food and ever since getting sober 26 years ago have been on a path of personal development.
BC, Canada (3696.1 km)
Gardening advice
Got a question about your garden?
CA, United States (3877.2 km)
Melon Plants in Sacramento
Free young melon plants
NY, United States (378.2 km)
Thought-provoking conversation
If you'd like to come visit me and pick my brain for my extensive knowledge (consciousness, nutrition, gardening, permaculture, polyamory, etc) or my thought-provoking stories, please do.
Otago, New Zealand (14604.9 km)
[REQUEST] Fruit and nut trees, plants (especially organic)
We have purchased approximately 15 acres along the Lindis River in Tarras, New Zealand. If anyone has spare food producing trees, shrubs and plants, or great companion or complementary plants, we will home them with loving care!
Otago, New Zealand (14604.9 km)
[REQUEST] Spare hay or straw, mouldy is fine
We are beginning our permaculture farm. Carbon is king! Anyone with spare hay or straw, mouldy is fine, it will help improve our soil. Ideally within an hour of the Tarras area (near Wanaka New Zealand). I can be reached via email at or on 0220974596. Cheers!
Otago, New Zealand (14604.9 km)
[REQUEST] Permaculture, landscaping
Hi there, we feel grateful to have purchased 20 acres along the beautiful Lindis River near Tarras on the South Island of New Zealand. We would like to transform what has been a grass pasture into a permaculture paradise. We can offer off-grid, compost toilet, limited internet but GREAT company and comfortable caravan/camper accommodation. Permaculture, landscaping, and also building skills most helpful. <3
Florida, United States (1257.2 km)
Organic farming help
If you need any advice, help or just a congregation feel free to message. I am willing to help in person or whatever in or around Jacksonville Florida.
Oregon, United States (3786.3 km)
[REQUEST] Strawberry Pruning and transplanting help
Garden helpers needed to help freshen up strawberries on our farm!
British Columbia, Canada (3238.4 km)
30 gal. rain barrel
Brown plastic rain barrel with drain and overflow
Queensland, Australia (15209.3 km)
Malabar Spinach seeds / cuttings
Easy to grow abundance of this spinach organically. Most productive and pest resistant green leafy vegetable.
Pennsylvania, United States (250.2 km)
compost tumbler very large (costs $500 new)
large compost tumbler on stand with gears that turn it.
VA, United States (1275.9 km)
Plant pots
Approximately 800 plant pots of various sizes: 600 4 inch, 100 1 gal., 50 3 gal.
Oregon, United States (3787.1 km)
Permaculture/Ecology site consultation
I can give you suggestions on how to make your property more in line with the local ecosystem while meeting your own needs for the site.