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Essex, United Kingdom (5965.7 km)
Graphic Design
I can design; posters, leaflets, business cards, logos banners etc. I can also provide lessons in this skill. Please contact me for more information and a portfolio.
New South Wales, Australia (15674.2 km)
Webpage development and graphic design
Happy to offer my skills to a noteworthy cause (read: that i agree with) that has a dedicated member(s), as a web-page developer at a cost. At cost meaning: my geek labor is free but hosting/software costs are paid by org. you can learn more about me at my forever under development site -
Vermont, United States (693.0 km)
[REQUEST] Graphic designer
Need a new calendar put into digital format (pdf) This is for the 13 moon calendar which I am giving away on sharebay. I can't attach it as it's a pdf but I can email it to you. My email is This is the calendar we could adopt as we reclaim our sovereignty. It's new year is this July 26th. We can also start a new century, call it 001. Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions. Cheers!
Gauteng, South Africa (13064.8 km)
Graphics Design, Photo Editing, Multimedia Marketing
I have over 15 years experience in my field of expertise... Anything from designing to Dj lol... call me the jack off all trades but the master of one... The decision is yours'
Co. Wexford, Ireland (5475.1 km)
Graphic design / branding
I can make you a logo or a basic flyer. Let me know what you need and I'll take a look.
MI, United States (603.5 km)
Website Design
I am good with simple websites, but I am learning how to code advanced websites using the MVC Pattern. I would like to design your website using my newly acquired knowledge for free. I would need 2 weeks to about a month or more depending on how complicated you want it. You are responsible for paying the hosting fees and any addition services needed.
Cross River, Nigeria (9294.4 km)
[REQUEST] Website Developer/design
Hi Colin, what exactly do you mean by "help with web design"? Can you give me a hand in developing a website for Heaven Town Vision? I'm applying through the freeworlder site as well. Let me know how we can get started. Blaze.
Antwerpen, Belgium (6253.0 km)
permaculture design
Design of your garden or domain following the permaculture principles and your requests in the design
Piemonte, Italy (6720.0 km)
[REQUEST] Social media, webmaster, graphics, editor, writers is an online project featuring volunteering opportunities around the world for free. I am looking for different professional (or non-professional) figures to help me support this project and all the NGOs that are affiliated on it. Social media writers, influencers, graphic designers, wordpress expert, marketing experts, fundraisers, editor, proofreaders and travel writers are very welcome to participate! Thanks for reading this message and I hope to hear from you soon.
Gauteng, South Africa (13081.0 km)
Art and design
I am offering my services of painting and sketching art.
Algarve, Portugal (5871.7 km)
Open Source Software Design (all platforms)
If you have got an idea or better a need for software design for non commercial projects, then let me know. I have founded a free virtual company for this needs. I can gather the requirements, doing the interaction design and create a crowd funding project to collect the development costs. After funding I will be responsible to create the product which will be open source and therefore free for all time. For details see my website:
INDIANA, United States (682.9 km)
Human Design Initial Reading
A Basic Introduction (20 minutes) to your Authentic Self -- who you are designed to be. Heal the Earth by first healing your Self. Who Are You? [The Free Earth Collective]
or, United States (3786.3 km)
Cleaning and organizing
Indoor and out door cleaning and organizing. Nothing TOO crazy please be nice! up to 2 hours at a time. Please provide equipment.
Mazowieckie, Poland (7183.2 km)
[REQUEST] Acoustics - bass horn design
I wish to construct huge sound horn for music bass sound spectrum maximum efficiency. i need assistance with design of such horn. I wish to make it part of music experience room / small hall.
West Yorkshire, United Kingdom (5733.3 km)
PR and marketing advice / assistance
Only too willing to help out not for profit social enterprises and causes with promotional advice and assistance...long track record of delivering community/charity/3rd sector design, marketing, social media and PR
Zurich, Switzerland (6669.4 km)
Permaculture Design
Water management Terraforming Tree care
INDIANA, United States (682.4 km)
Crystal Prescription
A personalized PRESCRIPTION for crystal bead jewelry - necklace, bracelet, anklet, earrings.
Southland, New Zealand (14686.9 km)
Website build, html and css
I can help you create a nice looking website such as a business landing page or blog
GA, United States (898.5 km)
[REQUEST] website
I really need a simple website for our proof of stake share.
Western Cape, South Africa (12754.3 km)
cnc machining, manufacturing
cnc machining,part manufacture,design