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or, United States (3786.2 km)
[REQUEST] Handyman craftsman for help with my tiny home
I need some help with my tiny home... here's some things that need to be done plumbing living room and kitchen cabinet making kitchen counters stairs designed and built
Lanarkshire, United Kingdom (5520.2 km)
Kitchen/dining table
Large extending beech table in reasonable condition....could do with a sand and re-finish but really solid. Cat not included 😃
or, United States (3786.5 km)
[REQUEST] slab of wood
Unfinished edges slab of wood that i can sand and create as one of my kitchen counters. I need one to be at least 5 feet long by 24 inches deep.And the other 4 feet long and 16 inches deep. Any kind of wood is great :)
SINGAPORE, Singapore (15511.6 km)
Kitchen Decluttering
My take on our failing healthcare system (make no mistake, we have rising obesity rates,diabetes pandemic) is to purge the source contributing towards your illness and suffering. The Kitchen. You need someone to do the dirty work for you, the part where you couldn't let go of that bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup, that moudling sponge that you claim it's perfectly fine for dishwashing. ew. Grab a hold of me to grab a hold on your life and be in better control with my help. **DO NOT CON
Oregon, United States (3787.4 km)
[REQUEST] Blender
Ideally I want a Vitamix or Blendtec, but will accept any functional blender.
Down, United Kingdom (5482.0 km)
Bread maker
Perfectly good bread maker to give away (I prefer making bread by hand). Continental plug.
Oregon, United States (3787.5 km)
[REQUEST] Food Processor
I have a tiny one that can do some basic stuff, but I would like a larger one that can handle bigger food projects.
Steiermark, Austria (7146.3 km)
Mini Oven - Mini Offen
I'm offering an Elta brand mini oven. Here are the details: - 20.5cm X 28cm X 42 - 15 minute timer !!! It's missing the baking tray, so you will have to find one that fits!
NC, United States (410.8 km)
[REQUEST] Helping Hands 6/2 all day Angier NC
JUNE 2 Sat. sunrise to sunset Angier, NC Dear: Family, Friends, Neighbors, Churches and Habitat. I have been really struggling to keep my doublewide up on repairs. For 3 years my house has been a disaster area, both inside and out. I am hoping that I can ask you for some help. I'm sure my neighbors would appreciate it. I'm offering to provide a BIG COOKOUT in return for FREE LABOR and SCRAP supplies. So as to not ruin a family weekend, I can put out some sprinklers for parents and children THESE ARE THE REPAIRS. I HAVE SOME TOOLS BUT PLEASE BRING SOME AS WELL. 1) Install Glass bathroom shower. 2) Install Kitchen Sink 3) Install Laundry Sink 4) Remove STone Hearth 5) Fix Sheetrock holes 6) Repair Outside Deck 7) Build Shed from Scap 8) Finish Deck Walkway 9) Make cement floor for shed. 10 )Fix Hole Under Hearth 11) Replace all 18 year old PVC with PEX 12) Pressure Wash House and Decks 13) Seal Decks with Flex Seal 14) Create 4, Skirting entries on hinges. 15)
California, United States (3864.4 km)
[REQUEST] In search of various items, please. Currently disabled
I know this is a lot to ask. I'm disabled (intramedullary rod in the femur & hip on the right side), neuropathy in the left arm, hand and fingers, etc etc , & usually rely on someone to drive me (the transmission, & heater core, etc, just went out on their vehicle) (when my insurance is not driving me to appointments etc). While waiting on determination of if I will receive disability, I am in search of razors (or a razor), light concealer, deodorant, size medium (ladies) t-shirts (good condition)(preferably, a blend (polyester / cotton), size small (ladies) sweatpants (good condition)(that will reach my ankles)(generally, I am a size 2 to size 4), size 8 tennis / athletic shoes (good condition), size medium (good condition) sweatshirts, 36C bras (good condition), shampoo, body soap, 5htp, dish soap, laundry detergent, sandwich bags, saran wrap, paper kitchen towels, sheets (king, or full) (good condition),an oscillating fan, smart phone case, or protectors, a working printer / scanner