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Punjab, India (11812.6 km)
To know thyself
Express yourself as you are not as you want to n share anything to everything that disturb you or you are afraid to can express totally and freely. i am your MITRA. don't hesitate.I am just one click away from your heart.look into your heart n dive deep with me.yo canalso contact me on+919417217993 or
New Jersey, United States (218.5 km)
[REQUEST] Assistance Using Public Transportation
I am unable to drive even the short distance to Philadelphia, and I would love to find someone available during the day to help me navigate public transportation so I can broaden my horizons a bit. There is only so much I can walk to near my home, and I am too nervous to attempt to learn this on my own. I'd love to have someone come meet me, and ride with me into philly to get lunch and then see me off afterwards so I don't get lost.
or, United States (3786.6 km)
Gardening and weeding
Gardening and weeding. I'm still learning when it comes to planting and permaculture... But I take direction well. I love working outside in the dirt. I love physical work and I will be able to lift... not much more than 40 pounds though. I'm not THAT tough! I have a lot of experience with indoor gardening.
Oregon, United States (2401.2 km)
Gratitude Awards of Honor, digital
Gratitude makes the world go round! This digital award I give freely to honor your loved ones. Sending or hiding secretly or giving anonymously, brings a huge element of surprise kids of all ages love! Join the fun and share the love!
Otago, New Zealand (14604.9 km)
Compassionate Listening and/or Recommendations
Anyone keen for a compassionate listening ear and/or recommendations around health and wellness, consciousness, self love, yoga, alternative living, personal sovereignty, death and dying, birthing please get in touch. I am willing to offer my time for support.
Co. Wexford, Ireland (5474.3 km)
Vegan cooking classes and recipes
I am a happy vegan person. I love cooking, and I only eat vegan and gluten-free food, simple and deliiiicious, and I love it! I can give you some of my vegan gluten-free recipes, or advices about vegan food.
CA, United States (3858.4 km)
Slackline Lessons
Love to setup my line and slackfline with some beginners, or experienced slackers.
Oregon, United States (3787.6 km)
Parsley (dried, culinary)
Organic, from Mountain Rose Herbs. We have a lot more than we will use and would love to share! Have about 2 cups to offer.
California, United States (3655.4 km)
Meditation instruction
Free attendance in the Wednesday series of weekly meditation classes, held in Burbank, CA.
North Carolina, United States (460.1 km)
I am always happy to accept food. I prefer fresh fruits and canned veggies, but anything will be appreciated. I love stone fruits and tropical fruits. Thank you very much!
Michigan, United States (615.3 km)
Empathic Counseling
I am a born clairsentient empath. I work as an empathic counselor & help people with emotional issues & finding answers. I mostly communicate by text right now. I love to help.
NY, United States (378.3 km)
[REQUEST] Access to organic fruit-bearing trees when in season
If you have an overly productive peach tree, apple tree, pluot tree, gooseberry batch, blueberry patch, mulberry tree, etc, etc, I would love to be able to visit your garden and harvest some.
Quebec, Canada (741.7 km)
[REQUEST] Wing chin wooden dummy
If anyone has a wingchun wooden dummy that they don't use or need please do let me know! I love these training dummies!
Queensland, Australia (15201.5 km)
[REQUEST] Help pulling weeds
Hi! I'm not the healthiest person. Bad back etc. My garden area gets full of weeds ridiculously fast, and I'd love some help or someone to pull them from the root. I got a start on them before it started getting to me. I can of course supply cold water/tea or coffee, and I don't mind doing a bit of baking if you'd like to sit out for a chat after it's all lovely and tidy.
FL, United States (1293.0 km)
Whole Mind, Body, & Spirit Enrichment Course
Sometimes we grow up without a basic education for life. The Exiting the Matrix course hopes to bring humanity together by providing basic information in 10 categories: Personal, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, sexual, relational, behavioral, financial, and legal. You can access the free, interactive course here: This course was built with love.
San Lucia de Tirajana, Spain (5857.1 km)
Handmade Items Arts and Crafts Coaching
If you would like to learn to make any kind of arts/crafts to sell, I would love to share knowledge with you as to how to handcraft paper mache, miniatures, frames, sculptures, pottery, painting, model making, mirrors etc. Home manufacturing is the future and empowers everyone.
California, United States (3655.4 km)
Buddhist meditation and Taoist philosophy instruction
The Monday series of weekly, live, interactive, Buddhist meditation and Taoist philosophy class webinars begins April 1st.
NL, Canada (2078.7 km)
[REQUEST] My Life Adventure's
Well, I have a week to go before my trip to Costa Rica. I'm hoping to attend Dome Gaia Home Building workshop. Read more here If you can share, support, provide funding source, that would be Amazing :) Thank you, Blessing and Love to All. Craig :)
Salzburg, Austria (6680.0 km)
Wahrheit über den Schöpfer und liebevolle Gemeinschaft mit ihm
Entdeckerbibelstudium - selbst zuhause mit euren Leuten entdecken - Videos etc. auf
Bihar, India (12640.2 km)
CD collection- Music and softwares.
Music cd and software collection for those who love it.