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Noord-Holland, Netherlands (6208.8 km)
Mindfulness groep
In Uithoorn hebben we een mindfulness / zen groep die wekelijks bijeenkomt en je helpt je mindfulness/meditatie te verdiepen.
FL, United States (1040.6 km)
Mindfulness, Guided Meditation
Free audios are uploaded on a regular basis. The purpose of my Youtube Channel is to grow a strong community seeking to enhance the knowledge of the self and optimize individual awareness using guided meditations so that we can actively participate in the paradigm shift society desperately needs while reconnecting our intuition and hearts with the Akashic Records in order to quit repeating past experiences that are no longer desirable for Humanity to evolve. Cosmic Synchronicities (currently 9 guided meditations available) We also are on Facebook, just look for the Akashic Connections Page, if you feel like sharing our work with friends. Enjoy and relax!
California, United States (3655.4 km)
The Tantric Meditation System of Green Tara
This Tibetan cycle of philosophies and meditations can enhance our mindfulness, insight and compassion as well as our peace, creativity, resourcefulness, and resiliancey. I could teach you online over our webcams
California, United States (3655.4 km)
Meditation instruction
Free attendance in the Wednesday series of weekly meditation classes, held in Burbank, CA.
California, United States (3655.3 km)
Meditation instruction
I am offering my services as a meditation teacher. All who are interested may attend my next series of live, weekly webinars as gratis students
California, United States (3655.4 km)
The Tantric Meditation System of the Buddha of Compassion
The Tuesday series of live, webinar, meditation classes begins January 7th at 6pm (pst or -8gmt)
California, United States (3655.4 km)
Meditation and Philosophical Instruction
The Monday series of live weekly MEDITATION class webinars begins in 3 weeks!
Surrey, United Kingdom (5911.8 km)
Free Ki Gong classes
Live Ki Gong classes for June 2020 3 June 7 June 10 June 14 June 17 June 21 June 24 June 28 June Sound toning sessions 4 June 11 June 18 June 25 June