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Florida, United States (1254.3 km)
Grab a copy of this EP that I put together back in 2014 and 2015.
Mazowieckie, Poland (7183.2 km)
[REQUEST] Acoustics - bass horn design
I wish to construct huge sound horn for music bass sound spectrum maximum efficiency. i need assistance with design of such horn. I wish to make it part of music experience room / small hall.
England, United Kingdom (5802.7 km)
Free single! (music)
Not strictly a physical item, A free download of a single by my band "Richard Snow & The Inlaws" - We've had this song on free download for years as a cheeky plug for RBE ideas. Hope you enjoy ;-) Just go here and fill your boots!
Johannesburg , South Africa (13086.8 km)
[REQUEST] Sp404sx
The Roland SP-404 Sampling Workstation is a discontinued sampler made by Roland Corporation. Released in 2005.[1] It is part of the SP family and successor to Boss Corporation’s SP-505 sampler left off. The sampler was succeeded by the SP-555 in 2008, but was later given its own upgrade as the Roland SP-404SX Linear Wave Sampler in 2009.[2] Another upgrade, the Roland SP-404A Linear Wave Sampler was released in 2017.[3]
Bihar, India (12640.2 km)
CD collection- Music and softwares.
Music cd and software collection for those who love it.
Johannesburg , South Africa (13086.8 km)
[REQUEST] Studio interface
Essentially your audio interface is the 'middle man' in your recording studio that performs digital to analog and analog to digital conversion. The analog signal from your microphones and instruments is converted into a digital audio stream. So you can record and edit digital audio on your compu
Middlesex, United Kingdom (5917.5 km)
Any dvd cd movie music video film clip
I can burn you any dvd or cd if your favorite music or movie.
kent, United Kingdom (5981.0 km)
networking and music
music, computer support, emotional support
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (5928.8 km)
NSW, Australia (15903.2 km)
family mud fun event
One afternoon in the summer we will be hosting a musical mud stomp with a barefoot mud stomping show that lasts about 15-20 minutes- as per . There will be live acoustic music and drums to fuel the stomping dance and junk percussion available for others to join in. There will be a mud pit made of pure clay mud for the barefoot mud stompers to dance on to the music. There will be an audience to cheer us on and take photos. There will also be some food servers to serve s
Middlesex, United Kingdom (5917.5 km)
Bluetooth speaker xtreme
Bluetooth soeaker xtreme, not the best speaker but you can play music and charge your phone.
NSW, Australia (15903.0 km)
[REQUEST] Musical leader
Musical leader to lead the musical jam ensemble at our summer time musical mud stomp. The barefoot mud stompers will mix mud to the music of the music jam and the mixed mud will be formed into bricks to build something real and function for and with and by the community.
NSW, Australia (15903.2 km)
[REQUEST] Crew to prepare and serve some food for an extraordinary scene.
During the summer one afternoon we will be hosting a musical mud stomp as per There will be an audience, barefoot mud stomping dancers, live acoustic music and a couple boxes of oranges. Like clockwork at the end of the performance we need a team to swarm out with freshly cut oranges and serve them to the barefoot mud stompers.
pistoia toscana, Italy (7023.0 km)
mandolin tuition
anyone interested in learning how to play one of the most beautyful instruments ?
PA, United States (264.8 km)
Drum Circle Leader
I am offering to lead people in making merry sounds with all kinds of percussive implements. In your home, outside, maybe even parade around town.
NSW, Australia (15903.3 km)
[REQUEST] audience members of all ages
There will be a 15-20 minute community performance of acoustic music, song and dance like nothing you have ever seen before. We need an audience to come and appreciate it and we will serve your refreshments. You are also welcome to cross the line and join in at the end.
Indiana, United States (722.2 km)
Basic guitar lesson
This lesson is for someone who is not familiar with the guitar or has completed just a few lessons. Instructions include cord structure, tuning, cord symbols strumming, and other basic information.
Oregon, United States (3787.6 km)
Basic Guitar Instruction
Come on over! I can teach basic chords, tuning, and point beginners toward good online resources to continue their guitar learning journeys. I have three guitars, so you don't need to have your own necessarily. I will probably also offer you tea. Happy to teach teens and kids as well as adults.
pgž, Croatia (7168.3 km)
studio recording
Audio recording in studio or on location
14469, Germany (6707.5 km)
Guitar Lessons (or just playing together)
Hey, if anyone wants to get some help to learn guitar (acoustic or electric...with plectrum only), just hit me up. If you play already for quite a while we can also just have a nice time playing music (e.g. playing open stages in Potsdam). :)