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New York, United States (440.8 km)
I live in Leroy NY and I offer free emergency child care. Message me.
NSW, Australia (15903.2 km)
[REQUEST] 5 tons clay-rich subsoil earth
Clean clay that will be used by children and community to build with. Therefore it must not be contaminated.
FL, United States (1293.0 km)
Whole Mind, Body, & Spirit Enrichment Course
Sometimes we grow up without a basic education for life. The Exiting the Matrix course hopes to bring humanity together by providing basic information in 10 categories: Personal, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, sexual, relational, behavioral, financial, and legal. You can access the free, interactive course here: This course was built with love.
Utah, United States (2925.3 km)
[REQUEST] Venue for Fundraiser
We are looking for a venue to have a fundraiser for children in the Salt Lake City Area.
Salzburg, Austria (6680.1 km)
Some help to become happy with God
Discovery bible study ressources online for groups to discover themselves at home or whereever wished. A little help using Whatsapp-call or facebook-call if needed.
KY, United States (723.4 km)
Tantra Massage & Energy Healing
Namaste'Family, Tantra et Energy healing is changing the way we heal the world. I can do distance healing or in person. I heal people for free... if you wish to barter or gift, that's up to your spirit.
Co. Wexford, Ireland (5474.3 km)
Drawing classes
Drawing classes for beginners. I can teach you different drawing techniques, portraits, animals, drawing animal fur... How to use color pencils, layering, blending... For adults and children. Serious learners only.
Nevada, United States (3608.9 km)
Work exchange for rent / helping hand
I would be happy to offer general labor, cleaning, carpentry, metal working, gardening, farming, and permaculture services in exchange for rent. I would love to join someone who has a large piece of property with nature and running water. Someone with goals to build a sustainable community. I’m ready to leave my home town and I’m opening up to magic and miracles!
OR, United States (3782.1 km)
[REQUEST] Help The Homeless is holding office hours on Dec 17th and office hours plus holiday parties/potlucks on Dec 24th and Dec 31st 2017 from 4PM-8PM at Growers, 454 Willamette, Eugene, OR 97401. I'm looking for people to step up/get in the Holiday Spirit by offering a couch surfing spot inside their home or an outside tent camping spot in their back yard or car camping spot in their driveway at least on those nights when the Egan Warming Centers are closed. You are invited to meet the people who you might be helping at the office hours/Holiday parties at Growers.
North Carolina, United States (387.6 km)
consultant call on any of my areas of expertise
1. child care/development/health maintenance 2. permaculture/food foresting/seed saving 3. food preservation 4. pattern/template swap requests 5. little free library placement 6. animal care 7. anything else on my list