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or, United States (3786.4 km)
Essential oil education and samples
Learn about essential oils what they are and how they can benefit you naturally for the problems you face in your life.
North Carolina, United States (387.6 km)
consultant call on any of my areas of expertise
1. child care/development/health maintenance 2. permaculture/food foresting/seed saving 3. food preservation 4. pattern/template swap requests 5. little free library placement 6. animal care 7. anything else on my list
Devon, United Kingdom (5688.5 km)
watet kefir grains
I have spare watet kefir grains if anyone would like some. These have not been dehydrated but have been stored in fridge. 2 tsp per transaction. Collection only unless p&p costs covered.
Ontario, Canada (592.3 km)
EFT Service
EFT, 'Emotional Freedom Techniques' is an energy therapy that works on/helps alleviate both physical and emotional pain.
Oregon, United States (3786.3 km)
Structured Water
We have recently installed a Dynamically Enhanced Water Structuring unit from Natural Action. Structured Water is absorbed more easily by our cells at the molecular level, making mineral absorption and toxin elimination much more effective for greater health.
California, United States (3094.1 km)
Change and bad behavior like smoking bad diet etc..,
I'm here to educate, motivate, and create health behaviors for individuals whatever that may be.
National Capital Region, Philippines (13743.7 km)
[REQUEST] supplement
Natural. For my asthma
England, United Kingdom (5829.2 km)
[REQUEST] Marketing
i have a vision for fully integrated health & social care services that are all inclusive of all people / opinions. There is a rough plan here - Main page - At my end this is an entirely non profit project. i have interest from some others, including a mental health professional. What we are now looking for is for someone experienced in marketing to try & take this vision / project further & to try & give it a more mass appeal. Thanks.
OR, United States (3788.0 km)
Cancer Potential Help Information
Information that has helped others in my experience.
CA, United States (3803.4 km)
Remote energy healing (or in-person on CA central coast)
I am going through a course of study in Christof Melchizedek's Neo-Shamanic Society and performing case studies. Any physical or mental health challenges can be addressed at their most fundamental level through this offering. Please connect to schedule a session and hopefully you'll opt to receive a series of sessions to guide and fortify your healing journey!
Down, United Kingdom (5482.0 km)
I need a few bucket full of purish clay soil for a plastering job. My soil has virtually none. If I can just dig a hole in your garden, please?
Otago, New Zealand (14604.9 km)
Compassionate Listening and/or Recommendations
Anyone keen for a compassionate listening ear and/or recommendations around health and wellness, consciousness, self love, yoga, alternative living, personal sovereignty, death and dying, birthing please get in touch. I am willing to offer my time for support.
Oregon, United States (3787.4 km)
Organic chia seeds
I have about 9 lbs available. Take as much as you want.
East Sussex, United Kingdom (6022.5 km)
Self healing
Tips/advice on how to heal yourself from any ailments.
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (6461.8 km)
a foot massage, somewhere outside if you like
Or, United States (3786.4 km)
[REQUEST] hot tub time
Health/detoxing program. Would like to use available hot tubs
Middlesex, United Kingdom (5917.5 km)
Personal Training
Offering free online personal Training( as well I have my private garage gym, you are welcome!
California, United States (3671.2 km)
Help for a vegan diet
Will be happy to give support and share info and resources for anyone new to or investigating a vegan diet.
Ocetanie, France (6499.2 km)
[REQUEST] Qui peut faire mon linge
Comme je vie dans une petite caravane, je n'ai pas les moyens pour faire mon linge. Je peux le secher moi meme
Southland, New Zealand (14686.9 km)
CBD / THC tincture
Made myself, organic whole plant extract, has a ratio of CBD / THC of 2:1. It's a good painkiller but because of the THC content it will still get you high in doses above 20 drops.