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England, United Kingdom (5802.3 km)
A fair amount of The wondrous Beatles on VHS. I appreciate vhsome isn't a favoured format any more but once again my hoarding ways mean I hate to throw things that other folks could potentially enjoy. There's the whole Beatles anthology..let it be..magical mystery tour and the complete beatles .
California, United States (3655.4 km)
[REQUEST] Could you teach me how to edit videos (for youtube)
Do you have the skillset to teach me how to edit videos for youtube an inexpensively as possible?
Middlesex, United Kingdom (5917.5 km)
Free books/videos online for free
Free books online for free. just go to And don't forget to send me a "Thank You" message!!! If you need any book, just let me know as well, I will put in the cloud.
Salzburg, Austria (6680.0 km)
Wahrheit über den Schöpfer und liebevolle Gemeinschaft mit ihm
Entdeckerbibelstudium - selbst zuhause mit euren Leuten entdecken - Videos etc. auf
Nevada, United States (3608.5 km)
[REQUEST] Help building Tesla generator
I am looking for an electrically inclined person to be able to help me follow instructions, build circuits, and tune the device for optimal energy output. I currently have plans, instructions and videos, and am in the process of acquiring all necessary parts. I haven't had much electronics experience and would love someone to join my journey to build a free energy empire!
Middlesex, United Kingdom (5917.5 km)
Free online cloud for your big files
I am offering free online cloud for your big files(important files) like system back ups, project files, videos, pictures. you need to have syncthing app/program, contact me, I will send my ID. Please, consider to donate if you find it useful.
FL, United States (1040.6 km)
Mindfulness, Guided Meditation
Free audios are uploaded on a regular basis. The purpose of my Youtube Channel is to grow a strong community seeking to enhance the knowledge of the self and optimize individual awareness using guided meditations so that we can actively participate in the paradigm shift society desperately needs while reconnecting our intuition and hearts with the Akashic Records in order to quit repeating past experiences that are no longer desirable for Humanity to evolve. Cosmic Synchronicities (currently 9 guided meditations available) We also are on Facebook, just look for the Akashic Connections Page, if you feel like sharing our work with friends. Enjoy and relax!