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North Carolina, United States (460.1 km)
Lawnmowing and Yard Services
I will mow lawns and weed eat, as well as do other simple tasks around the yard, as needed. All for free, of course!
Oregon, United States (3787.9 km)
[REQUEST] Help Mulching My Yard
I am looking for folks to help distribute leaves and cardboard over my front yard, to set it up for next year. This Saturday. Jan 13th, 10am.
NY, United States (407.8 km)
Japanese mapple 3 year old seedlings
My neighbor has a beautiful Japanese maple tree. The wind blows its seeds to my yard and grows seedlings. I had to uproot them. If you have yard, they will grow into beautiful full trees in years. Picture can be attached in spring.
NL, Canada (2078.7 km)
[REQUEST] To Build North America Largest Graphite Mines
Well, I need EVERYTHING, so we can Build. 5 years ago I know that Graphite was used as the lead, in pencils. Now I know that it is a Miricle Mineral and is about to change the World in a much positive way. For the last few years, I discovered that, I may have the Largest Graphite Deposit in North America, in my back yard. 100 Million Metric Million ton. And with a deepwater port, we can have access to 20 other Graphite Deposits that we have in my area of the world, NL, Canada So there has been work done on the property 43-101, 4 drill cores, analysis. Now we need to Secure the Mineral option and conduct more drilling on the property that holds, Gold, Copper, Graphite, and the largest unknown deposit so that we can state that we have a $3B-$12B Deposit for creating NA Largest Graphite mines, Graphene Production/Manufacturing, Deepwater Port Facility. Overall project $100M - $250M With $3B+ Deposit and $100B - $T's in Products. Let's get this Project started :)
FL, United States (1397.9 km)
[REQUEST] Spiritual Dolphin Lover looking for Tropical Beach Work Exchange
ALOHA! I am searching for a work exchange situation in a tropical location in walking distance to a beach and with someone who loves dolphins. Ideally this would also be someone who appreciate the spiritual gifts unique to me that I bring. There are numerous ways I can assist including fitness consulting, spiritual guidance, pregnant/new mama helper, childcare, hospitality and more. House-sitting - Caretaking are situations I'd be honored to be entrusted with as well as being a Travel Companion in the right situation.
Oregon, United States (3786.5 km)
[REQUEST] Flagstone Pavers
We are in the process of landscaping the front yard, and we need lots of pavers, preferably flagstone if available. We are trying to cover a 20ft by 30ft area.
Oregon, United States (3787.6 km)
[REQUEST] Computer Help
I need help getting my favorite exercise program, Dance, Dance Revolution (stepmania) to work on my computer. It used to work, and them when I got a newer monitor, it did something to the graphics card, and now it does not like my program. of you fix this you will bring great fun into my life.
California, United States (3655.4 km)
Either fitness instruction or workout buddy
I teach and practice an extremely short and effective body-weight workout in my driveway. It is great for strength training as well as cardio training as it contains some plyometric elements. For those who wish to train with me I have a set of two equalizers that work well for both chin-up as well as pull-up training. For those who seek only instruction and will be training at home, if you cannot afford a set of equalizers a set of two matching chairs and a broom could work nicely, once the coordination learning curve has been factored in. I'm delighted to share my decades of experience with others :-)
OR, United States (3782.1 km)
[REQUEST] Help The Homeless is holding office hours on Dec 17th and office hours plus holiday parties/potlucks on Dec 24th and Dec 31st 2017 from 4PM-8PM at Growers, 454 Willamette, Eugene, OR 97401. I'm looking for people to step up/get in the Holiday Spirit by offering a couch surfing spot inside their home or an outside tent camping spot in their back yard or car camping spot in their driveway at least on those nights when the Egan Warming Centers are closed. You are invited to meet the people who you might be helping at the office hours/Holiday parties at Growers.
Hessen, Germany (7087.7 km)
[REQUEST] I am looking for work
I am interested in doing an apprenticeship in carpentry or tailoring. Ich interessiere mich für eine Ausbildung in Zimmerei oder Schneiderei.
PA, United States (104.5 km)
Garden Boxes
I would like to set up a system for next spring where volunteers and those in need work together to build and plant box gardens. Anyone interested?
New South Wales, Australia (15669.1 km)
Voice Over Artist
Happy to do free voice over work for docos or spots for those wanting to change the world.
Western Cape, South Africa (12767.4 km)
Book "The End of Money and the Future of Civilisation"
This book by Thomas Greco is a seminal work on what a world without money might look like.
or, United States (3786.6 km)
Freeworlder education
I can sit down with you, help you build a profile, and learn how to work freeworlder :)
California, United States (3655.4 km)
Meditation and Philosophy training
I am happy to share my life's work of studying and practicing Buddhist and Taoist, Meditation and Philosophy. Meditation could be easier than you've ever imagined.
Frankreich, France (6086.9 km)
I offer free translations in german, englisch and french. Written only, no interpreting. I only work from home over the internet with pdf files.
Zürich, Switzerland (6671.6 km)
Holochain Advice
Are you creating a project and thinking of building it with Holochain but you have some questions? Then I can certainly help you. I'm very active in the Holochain community and know the workings of Holochain quite well to help you decide if and how Holochain would work with your project.
Wisconsin, United States (1104.4 km)
[REQUEST] Access to specialized Tools and skills.
I have an old motorcycle that needs to have the crankshaft pressed apart and rebuilt with some new parts. I'm fairly new to the depth of this work on engines, and would like to get together with someone who may have the special tools and skills to do this job correctly. I am pretty sure I could do it myself, even make the tools myself, but it's so much easier to learn without the trial and error...
Michigan, United States (615.3 km)
Empathic Counseling
I am a born clairsentient empath. I work as an empathic counselor & help people with emotional issues & finding answers. I mostly communicate by text right now. I love to help.
Pardubický kraj, Czech Republic (6998.5 km)
manuální práce
Nabízím pomoc při manuální práci. Na zahradě, na stavbě apod. Vyhrazuju si právo nevzít činnost, která by mi nevyhovovala. Ty si to řídíš (nikoliv komanduješ) a společně makáme. Podle situace můžu přispět svými znalostmi. Dávám přednost veselým lidem. :-)