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About me

The money free world is a great idea on paper that can not be applied in reality.

I use to believe in it whole wholeheartedly until I failed every attempt to it,started reading the bible and the Lord showing me what I was blinded to before.

I will remain around and not unsubscribe to this site mainly because I still have at heart the idea and am open to new perspectives and learn from how this movement evolves.

As a Christian, I can help all that are needy. I am a cobbler and if you need your shoe fixed and do not have any money, I will gladly do so free of charge or at cost.

God bless you all

p.s. I also offer free healing prayers to all. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and have been praying for many pains, injuries and sicknesses.
Jesus still uses His children to heal and show His love to the world.

Tags: · cobbler · hard worker · loves the sharing economy · christian · love people

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