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Juan Manuel Cuartas Bernal

Pforzheim, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany

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There is always an excuse for not protecting the environment: lack of time, lack of money. Nowadays, society is driven by fear, especially, the fear of paying bills. Tecnology is always affected by a better income, for example: programmed obsolescence. We are living, paying for living with our fears, and competing with everyone. We are not in a competition, everyone in life has different goals, also, different ways for obtaining their goals. Let this signature be the beginning of a complete change for society. When you start to appreciate the beauty of life, you will see money is worthless. Take into account life is like "Monopoly" game; once you finish (die), you should give back properties and money. You can take with you only memories and the experiences you had.

Skills: · programmer · creative · beatles · football · helpful

Interests: · programmer · creative · beatles · football · helpful

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