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Les Coteaux, Quebec, Canada
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Tyson's current listings

[REQUEST] Acoustic Guitar
Looking for an Acoustic Guitar
[REQUEST] Storage bin/ wooden box/ wicker storage bin/ Chest.
Looking for a nice wooden storage chest or what ever is available. If you have something similar to the request being made please feel free to send me a line! :) Thanks in advance! Warmest of regards.
[REQUEST] Mini Leather sofa or Single recliner chair
I'm looking for a preferably black mini two seat sofa or single recliner chair - leather is best as it cleans easily but it is not necessary any fabric will do. Must be clean.
[REQUEST] Nice Coffee Table
If anyone has a Nice Coffee Table they don't use or need any more, please respond to this request. Thank you!
[REQUEST] Ergonomic Chair (Comfy)
I have been looking for a comfortable chair for years! Just don't have the money to buy anything new. If anyone has a comfy chair (ergonomical - designed for the human body)Please do let me know! Thank you very much!
[REQUEST] Wing chin wooden dummy
If anyone has a wingchun wooden dummy that they don't use or need please do let me know! I love these training dummies!

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